David Hasselhoff’s Daughter Hayley Charged With DUI

Hayley Hasselhoff, the 20-year-old daughter of actor David Hasselhoff, has been charged with DUI and speeding stemming from an incident last November, omg! can confirm.

Hayley, whose older sister Taylor famously captured their father attempting to eat a cheeseburger while intoxicated, was charged with infractions on both counts.

E! was first to report the news.

In California, any driver over 21 years of age gets slapped with a misdemeanor if found guilty of DUI – a result of a blood alcohol level higher than 0.08%.

In young Hayley's case, the state has a zero-tolerance law for any alcohol consumed by folks under 21, so it's unclear as to how much she had to drink. The E! report also noted she was driving 30 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Essentially, infractions aren't as serious as misdemeanors, but an arraignment date of February 25 has been set. Interestingly, Hayley denied the events in a interview with "Entertainment Tonight" on Monday.

"The story that broke this week is absolutely false," she said. "I did not get a DUI, nor did I get arrested. I wish that the press would do their diligence to get their facts straight."

What's more: something went down that week in November. The Storm model tweeted angst over a personal situation two days after the incident.

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