David Cassidy’s Doozy of a DWI Mug Shot

Here's a plot point you would never see in an episode of "The Partridge Family": former teen idol David Cassidy posing for a frightening mug shot after getting rung up on a DWI count.

Cassidy, 63, was arrested and charged with DWI in upstate New York on Wednesday morning.

The performer was pulled over for a minor traffic infraction by the Schodack Police Department — failing to dim his headlights — before the felony arrest. He was taken to jail where he posted a $2,500 bail.

This is not the first time Cassidy has been arrested for drunk driving. In November 2010, the "I Think I Love You" singer was arrested in Florida after blowing a 0.141. At the time, he reportedly blamed having a "wandering eye as a child" for not passing several field sobriety tests. He got off relatively easy though, pleading no contest and serving a year of probation along with having his driver's license revoked for six months.

Cassidy is best known for playing Keith Partridge in the '70s sitcom "The Partridge Family." His stepmother (and TV mom) Shirley Jones recently made the rounds talking about having threesomes with his father Jack Cassidy. His daughter, Katie Cassidy, is a successful actress currently starring on the CW's "Arrow."

A hearing in this latest case is set for September 4 at 6 p.m. ET.

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