David Beckham’s Adorable Kiss Cam Surprise With Baby Harper

David Beckham’s Adorable Kiss Cam Surprise With Baby Harper

Cuteness alert! David Beckham and his adorable family were spotted Tuesday night cheering on the Los Angeles Kings, who were duking it out with the San Jose Sharks in the NHL playoffs. Fans were busy rooting for their favorite team when all of a sudden, the Kiss Cam panned over to the Beckhams' side of the rink.

While Victoria was just a seat away, what everyone really wanted to see was a sweet daddy moment between David and his 22-month-old daughter, Harper -- which is exactly what they got. Barry's Tickets Kiss Cam caught the oh-so-precious moment between Harper and her pops, proving that she really is ready for her close-up. The little one even got to see herself on the big screen. Judging by her huge grin, she loves the spotlight, just like her uberfamous mom and dad!

The Beckhams weren't the only A-list family in attendance. Tom Cruise and his son, Connor, were seated right in front of the Beckham brood, and Justin Bieber was even seen goofing off with friends nearby.

Check out the video to watch the supercute daddy-daughter moment, and be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for more of the latest in entertainment news.

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