Conan O’Brien Is a Real-Life ‘Wedding Crasher’

Conan O'Brien surprised bride and groom Wes and Victoria Hoffman on Saturday when he showed up at their wedding reception at the Four Seasons in Atlanta. While the zany late-night host wasn't formally invited to the event, he was invited on Twitter! One of the bridesmaids learned that he was staying at the same hotel while he taped his show during the NCAA Final Four, and decided to tweet him an invite on the off chance that he might take notice and join the festivities.

And join he did! The groom told HLN News, "He just walked up and introduced himself, and we were like, wow. He was a really, really nice guy." The funnyman chatted with the bride and groom, talked with guests, and even posed for pics! According to E! News, at one point in the evening, the bride plopped down on Conan's lap, and he took out his phone and showed her photos of his wife and kids, telling her, "This is the best part. It's all about family."

The comedian stayed for about an hour but didn't leave until he showed the groom how to properly cut a rug. Check out the vid to hear what signature dance move Conan taught the groom.

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