Cindy Crawford Opens Up About Her Teenager Daughter's Modeling

Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Gerber (Getty Images)
Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Gerber (Getty Images)

One look at her Instagram and we already know 13-year-old Kaia Gerber is following in the long-legged model footsteps of her mother, Cindy Crawford, even landing herself in the pages of this month's issue ofTeen Vogue. But what does mom think about it?

"I'm happy for her to be happy," the Omega watches ambassador told the London Evening Standard. "She's kind of chomping at the bit and the Teen Vogue piece seemed like an appropriate thing to do. I am very comfortable with the photographer, who is a woman I've worked with a lot and is a mother herself."

But this isn't Kaia's first foray into modeling. She actually made her debut at the tender age of 10 in a campaign for Versace kids. Still, even with these two big assignments under her (tiny) belt, the daughter of Rande Gerber's future is far from planned out just yet.

"She's still only 13 and too young to know what she wants to do," Crawford, 48, explained. "I think even doing this photoshoot, while it was fun, also she realizes it's not only fun — it's a job. It's not just about sitting there having hair and make-up done and putting pretty dresses on."

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Like what, you ask? "Be on time, be prepared, listen. For me, that's so much of the reason I've had such a long career," the glamazon speculated. "People knew I was going to show up and give 100 percent. It's not glamorous, but that quality, in a fickle industry, was essential."

Kaia Gerber (Instagram/Teen Vogue)
Kaia Gerber (Instagram/Teen Vogue)

Cindy is certainly aware of the the temptation to party being an element of her industry, but it's not something she ever fell into. What's more, her own experience makes her confident Kaia will be able to avoid those pitfalls as well, should she pursue such a career.

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"I guess for me, it wasn't that hard. It's just not who I am. I was raised in small town Illinois and I think those Midwestern qualities served me well. It just wasn't in my DNA to be a party girl, thank God!" Crawford recalled before turning the focus to Kaia. "When people ask me about my daughter, I feel like I could guide her in the right direction because I was able to navigate it. You can, it is do-able."

While the industry vet has certainly been there, done that, she also realizes the modeling world is different today than when she was starting out, largely because of social platforms like Instagram, which she (perhaps surprisingly) sees as a good thing.

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"These girls, because of social media, are able to craft their own image in a way we weren't. These girls, even as they're just beginning, they're not as pigeonholed by how other people see them. Someone like Cara [Delevingne], the reason she is so cool is she gets to be who she is on social media and have that relationship directly with fans," she explained.

It seems Kaia has gotten that memo as well. Though she's barely out of middle school, she already has more than 52,000 followers on Instagram. That's a solid start, but we're pretty sure that number, much like her modeling career, is going to keep rising.

'I want my old hair back,' Cindy Crawford wrote next to this split image of her early modeling days and her daughter's recent appearance in Teen Vogue (Instagram)
'I want my old hair back,' Cindy Crawford wrote next to this split image of her early modeling days and her daughter's recent appearance in Teen Vogue (Instagram)