This Christmas Miley Cyrus Wants to Free Her Nipples

Apparently, twerking with Santa is no guarantee that you'll get everything on your Christmas list — which (we can only assume) is why Miley Cyrus is sharing her number one wish for this holiday season with the world: to be able to expose her nipples, censor-free. And really, is that all that surprising?

Her tongue has been front-and-center in pretty much every picture since her nearly nude MTV Video Music Award performance, so this request seems like a natural progression.

On Dec. 14, the 21-year-old star tweeted a photo of herself in a "Girls Gone Wild"-esque pose with her shirt pulled up and, of course, her tongue hanging out. "Merry Christmas"-branded hearts were strategically placed over her boobs … for now, at least.

"Merry Christmas THANK YOU NY for being one of the few states to @freethenipple," she declared.

It's probably worth noting that Miley — who is standing outside in the snow — is technically wearing a puffer jacket, but it can't be doing all that much to keep her warm.

"Free the Nipple" is an independent documentary slated to hit theaters in January 2014, which argues that nipples are more censored than violence — and that they shouldn't be. Miley has been an advocate for the film (and… umm… nipples?) for a while now, and has attended several events in notably see-through ensembles with only pasties for coverage.

While we admire her enthusiasm for the cause, we have to say that this particular shot looks a bit too nipply for comfort, even though hers are technically covered up. Brr!