Chrissy Teigen: My Wedding Dress Is Nowhere Near $30K

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's big day is just around the corner.

So has it brought out the inner bridezilla in the Sports Illustrated model?

"It's easy because we have such a fabulous planner," Legend's fiancée told omg! during a recent sit-down in L.A. "We're very relaxed about it. We're excited, but we can be relaxed because we have put so much on her!"

One duty that Teigen decided to take on herself was picking out the gown.

"I have the dress and I love it!" she exclaimed. "This one was it, I knew right away. It's classic and ivory. It's got some modern things to it also. I want to look like a bride, bride. I want to bring back the bride. No beading, no crystals, no over-the-top business."

Teigen also knew she didn't want spend an obscene amount of money on her wedding attire.

"I watch 'Say Yes to the Dress' — those are like $30,000!" she said. "My dress was nowhere near $30,000. That's crazy to me. And I'm all for being sexy, but I'm not wearing lingerie, or a see-through corset down the aisle like some of those people. Save that for after!"

Although Teigen and John Legend have kept their wedding date a secret, the model laughed that people will probably figure out when the nuptials are taking place because she will have stopped tweeting for a few hours.

"That's the thing — I assume everyone is going to know when I'm getting married because I will be really quiet on Twitter," she cracked, noting that she will not live tweet her big day.

Speaking of Twitter, the social media site blew up last week when Teigen's sexy GQ spread hit the web. Though she said she is comfortable posing nude, there was one part that was a little weird for her.

"It's hard for me in a sense [because] I love women. I love having female fans and interacting and talking with women. I'm a girls' girl. Doing stuff like [GQ], it's funny because the boys come back and they are like, 'Oh, we kind of forgot you were a model because you're such a dude,'" Teigen revealed. "John likes it. He texted me [when it came out] he loves it. He sent me a text, 'Sexy video.' I'm like, 'You're creepy!'"

And though she has an amazing physique, which she isn't afraid to show off, Teigen insisted she doesn't believe in extreme diets — whether it's for a racy photo shoot or her own wedding. (If you follow her on any social media platform, you know this girl loves to cook and eat!)

"Doing Sports Illustrated for so long, I am never going to be that ripped girl," she confessed. "I don't have the time for it, nor do I want to. I think what Sports Illustrated has done is it makes you realize you want a healthy, beautiful body. I stopped feeling like I needed to crash diet and work out like a crazy person like I did five or six years ago when I started."

This message is clearly something she wants to pass along to other females. Teigen recently hosted the Venus Step Up & Step Out Blue Carpet at The Grove in Los Angeles to help raise money for the Step Up Women’s Network, an organization dedicated to igniting women and girls through mentorship programs.

"It's so great to be part of something like this that celebrates women," shared Teigen.

Get involved by tweeting #StepUp. For every hashtag posted in June, $1 will be donated to the Step Up Women’s Network.

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