Chris Pine Spills ‘Star Trek’ Secrets, Admits He Cried During ‘The Notebook’

Chris Pine definitely has a soft side, the "Star Trek Into Darkness" hunk reveals in the June issue of Men's Fitness.

“I cry all the time," Pine says. "At work, at the shrink’s, with my lady. 'The Notebook' killed me. 'Up' destroyed me. 'Up' was like the animated 'Amour.'”

Apparently, Pine's sensitivity chip wasn't a hit with the ladies in high school.

“Just looking at a girl felt awkward," the 32-year-old actor spills. "When you feel like an oddball, it never really leaves you. Even now, I’m better around people who are uncomfortable with themselves, the misfits."

Another interesting revelation from Pine is that he bombed his first audition to play Captain Kirk, saying it went "as badly as you can imagine."

Clearly he redeemed himself at the second audition.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" hits theaters on May 17, and Pine calls the sequel "seriously epic."

“Much more action; much, much more intensity; and a lot more fighting," Pine confesses.

Well, we’re glad the producers ignored that initial audition. We couldn't imagine "Star Trek" without the dapper Mr. Pine!

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