Chris Evans’s Cringe-Worthy Makeunder Saves the Day

For Chris Evans, ditching his super-powered good looks was its own brand of heroism.

Marvel's own Captain America hid his chiseled body and billboard-ready face behind a cringe-worthy 1970s look in the upcoming movie, "The Iceman," a gig he landed after James Franco left the role vacant for personal reasons.

"We were in trouble. Who do you call? Mr. Captain America," director Ariel Vroman told omg! at the film's Monday premiere in Hollywood.

"[James'] father passed away and they also had to postpone the 'Oz' shooting," Vromen said of the delay that caused Franco's exit, although he was able to make time for a cameo in the film.

In the former Oscar nominee's stead, Evans stepped into the shoes of Robert "Mister Softee" Pronge, a hit man whose trademark was riding in an ice cream truck to avoid suspicion (though, really, is there a bigger red flag?). And the stud de-hunks himself considerably: a thinning curly wig covers his usual crew cut, unkempt facial hair obstructs that tanned mug, and retro suits with loud plaids round out the look.

"It shows you that even a pretty boy like Chris can be ugly," said Vromen.

"I was thrilled that Chris did it," his co-star Michael Shannon told us. "I've very rarely seen an actor throw himself into such a dark and thankless role with such zeal. "

Shannon, who will play General Zod in the upcoming Superman reboot "Man of Steel," feels Chris was ready to get dirty.

"I think he was really excited to mix things up after being such a goody two-shoes for such a long time," he said.

Unfortunately for Evans, the Marvel Universe called him away from Monday's shindig. He was stuck on the sequel set of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

Winona Ryder, who plays Shannon's wife in the film, turned up for the event, as did Kathleen Turner and Sylvester Stallone. Nearby club Supperclub hosted an after party, where DeLeon tequila and custom floral arrangements by entertained guests well into the night.

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