Chris Brown Hit-and-Run Charge Dismissed, Singer Back in Court Tomorrow

Chris Brown was back in court this morning for his ongoing misdemeanor hit-and-run case stemming from an incident back on May 21, and the case was finally dropped.

The judge in the case, taking place in Van Nuys, California, said that a "civil compromise" had been reached, despite objections by the deputy City Attorney.

The City Attorney noted, however, that no money had been exchanged between Brown and Olga Kovalenko — the other driver involved in the accident — rather, she wanted the case dropped because she was being "castigated" online via social media.

Last week on August 6, Brown checked himself into Van Nuys Valley Jail (where he was held for 42 minutes), in order to take the next steps regarding today's hearing.

Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, told omg! last week that his client had reached an agreement with Kovalenko, who wanted the case dropped.

However, the L.A. City Attorney still pushed forward with his case to prosecute Brown. So, the question remains 'Why?' If Kovalenko wanted to drop the case, why couldn't the City Attorney let it go, too?

Well, the City Attorney had jurisdiction over the hit-and-run case. But the L.A. District Attorney has jurisdiction over Brown's probation revocation, which occurred in court on July 15. And the L.A. District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, has had it out for Brown for quite some time. Back in February, her office even launched a massive investigation into Brown allegedly faking paperwork in order to cheat the terms of his community service.

Brown is due back in L.A. Superior Court tomorrow for his next hearing on the probation revocation, which stems from the 2009 incident in which he beat up then-girlfriend Rihanna.

So, in other words, what happened in court on Thursday will directly affect what happens in court on Friday.

Confused yet? Yep, that's because it's complicated!

Check back here tomorrow for updates on Brown's probation case.

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