Cher Buys Beverly Hills Home for $2.1 Million … But Will She Actually Live There?

Beverly Hills can add one more rich and famous face to its roster of homeowners. Cher just purchased a 4-bedroom, 3-bath home there for a little over $2.145 million, according to real estate website Trulia.

As per the home's original listing, the two-story house sits on about a half acre, and boasts a bright, eat-in kitchen with stone countertops and (pricey) Viking appliances; beamed ceilings; a master bedroom with two fireplaces; and a closet that would make any clotheshorse drool complete with "his and her" sides and a center island, perfect for storing all those Bob Mackie pieces.

The house certainly sounds fit for a celebrity who values her privacy since it's gated and sits at the end of a private driveway, nestled in a canyon. As for outdoor space, there's a courtyard adjacent to the kitchen, a deck attached to the master bedroom, a patio off the living room, and a large yard with a waterfall and meditation space. (One Beverly Hills home staple that's auspiciously absent? A swimming pool.) But before members of the 90210 welcome wagon start gearing up for a visit, expecting to meet the iconic songstress, they should note that the 67-year-old may not actually be the one moving in.

Though the trust Cher uses to buy most of her properties is the one that purchased the pad, according to Trulia, it could actually be for her 36-year-old son Elijah Blue Allman. Back in March, when Cher listed her place in Venice, California, for close to $2 million, it turned out it was Elijah who had been residing there … which means he probably needs a new place to crash.

Then again, so does Cher. The Oscar winner unloaded her West Hollywood condo earlier this year for a cool $5.25 million, and (unconfirmed) reports have been swirling that she has also sold her $45 million Malibu mega-mansion to Jay-Z and Beyonce. That place came complete with a home gym, pool, tennis court, and totaled a whopping 13,126-square-feet, as compared to her new Beverly Hills' home's measly 3,000. Now that's what we call downsizing.

Check out more pics of the pad in the slideshow below ...

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