Check Out ‘Mad Men’ Star Vincent Kartheiser’s Teeny Tiny Digs

Talk about staying grounded! You'd think after several years on a mega-successful show like "Mad Men," actor Vincent Kartheiser would be living in some huge mansion in the Hollywood Hills with his equally famous fiancée, actress Alexis Bledel, right? Not even close.

Take a look at the modest, 580-square-foot cabin the 34-year-old actor calls home (that's the size of an average-to-small NYC studio apartment!). Vincent, a Minnesota native, purchased his little abode in 2003, living in what we can only imagine was a man cave until 2010.

Kartheiser then partnered with designer and builder Funn Roberts to make his home "Japanese-industrial" style. So where do you put, say, a shower when the space you have to work with is just one big room? In the middle of the living room, of course, a move inspired by the film, "Synecdoche, New York."

On another wall, the bathroom and closets reside, hiding behind custom Japanese-inspired fiberglass-and-steel sliding screens that glow when illuminated from behind.

As for sleeping arrangements, the bed quite literally descends from the ceiling, so when it's not being put to use, there is more space on the floor. For extra privacy, a thick red theater curtain on a ceiling track emerges out of an adjacent closet to completely shield off his bedroom space.

So how does Vincent's lovely fiancée feel about the cabin? Apparently, she digs it!

"It's been really nice since Alexis has come onto the scene," quips designer Roberts told Dwell, adding that it's much homier since she has helped decorate.

Vincent and Alexis are clearly a no frills necessary kind of couple. Still, we can't help but assume they'll need an upgrade once they tie the knot. The cabin is ultra-cool, but if they have babies on the brain, there really is no extra space for a crib!