Charlie Sheen's Ex-Fiancée Brett Rossi Goes on Twitter Tirade About Him, Hookers, and Drugs

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi in happier times (Getty Images)
Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi in happier times (Getty Images)

Charlie Sheen is no virgin when it comes to putting his exes on blast on social media, but this time he's the one being called out.

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Brett Rossi, the adult film star whose engagement to Sheen ended last fall, is not happy with Sheen. Not happy at all.

"The truth always always comes out. You know the truth and denying it is not going to change the reality," she posted on Tuesday. "So telling ppl s--t about me in hopes to influence a negative opinion about me will only be temporary because justice will be served."

If it wasn't clear immediately that it was about Sheen, it became so pretty quickly.

"Only you and I know what happened behind closed doors ... And YOU know what happened wasn't right. So keep spinning people's wheels," she continued. "They only listen & agree because they are on ur payroll.Yes,these tweets are aimed directly to u..hope ur minions inform u as they always do."

And as if that wasn't clear enough, there was this:

Rossi then name-checked their lawyers — including Sheen's pit bull attorney Marty Singer — and said she was looking forward to their day in court so "the whole world can know the TRUTH." And she finished her "unapologetic" rant by adding, "Don't you dare send ur 'ppl' to my house ever again in the middle of the night to trespass on my property to intimidate me."

Sheen has been uncharacteristically quiet about Rossi's tweets, though his recent posts include an attack on a woman named Sabrina, whom he referred to as "a heartless baneful moldy spittoon" and Donald Trump, whom he described as a "sack of cat farts."

The thrice-divorced Sheen, who turns 50 next month, embarked on a whirlwind romance with Rossi, whom he called Scotty (she changed her name to Scottine Sheen), in the fall of 2013. By Valentine's Day, they were engaged and planning a wedding for Nov. 22 of last year. However, it never happened. In October, Sheen announced that the wedding was off.

Soon after, Rossi, who suffers from depression, was hospitalized following an apparent overdose. However, a rep for Sheen suggested he was helping her through her tough time, saying the actor was "in communication" with his ex and still had "a tremendous fondness" for her.

At the time of their split, there were reports that Rossi was keeping the $100,000 engagement ring, but apparently Sheen had a change of heart. No word on when he sold it or how he spent the money he received for it, but he's the kind of guy who would brag if he spent it on hookers and drugs. For better or for worse.