Celebs Get #Travoltified: Guess Who's Malachy Smotckins

Idina Menzel isn't the only star getting special treatment from John Travolta.

After the "Hairspray" actor completely butchered the Tony winner's name, calling her "Adele Dazeem" before he introduced her performance of "Let It Go" from "Frozen" at the Oscars, the Internet erupted with funny quips about the tongue-tied Travolta.

Slate.com created a product to "Travolitfy" your name, scrambling the letters to create an entirely new moniker. Celebrities hopped on the trend and have been tweeting their #Travoltified names, which range from silly to totally unrecognizable.

Celebs weren't the only ones appreciating the misstep. Menzel's upcoming Broadway show "If/Then," which opens Thursday, also kicked off a viral campaign to capitalize on Travolta's flub. They tweeted a photo to promote the show and joked, "You know her name."

At the very least, Travolta's mistake has put Menzel's name down in history. It just might be written a little differently.