Celeb Selfies That Win Halloween

If you're wearing cat ears or a butt-cheek-baring nurse's uniform, or splattered fake blood over your every day clothes, say goodbye to ever winning "Most Unique Halloween Costume." And that goes for you too, Hollywood.

Amidst a feast of redundant and oh-so-expected outfits, there exist a few blessed visionaries who take this holiday seriously (and, by seriously, we mean not at all seriously and also overflowing with swag). The following celebs put together A+ outfits — and that's only half the work. They also selfied and smized them just right.

1. Patrick Stewart

Upon seeing this photo, the new nirvana is to be able to call someone "Sir" and have that someone be a smiling lobster in one's bathroom bathtub. Let us know if you make it.

2. Nicole Richie and pal

FINALLY, A chill female who flaunts cute sans a push-up bra, AND embraces her shawty height without shame beside her macho friend! Kudos to Harlow and Sparrow's mom for this homage to the 1988 flick, "Twins," starring Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger as, you guessed it, twins. Take note: costumes that come in pairs don't have to be R-rated, ya'll!

3. Miley Cyrus

You go girl. We could count the ways this is a fabulous selfie: a poppin' purple wig — or as Miley would say "Wigzzzzzz," a bedazzled pastel (most of the) body suit, and that blinged out cell phone cover fit for a Harajuku girl… and that's just the beginning! Making matters even more applause-worthy, this Lil' Kim suit is a reference to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, when the rapper's outfit had media tongues wagging for weeks. Sound familiar?

4. Jenny McCarthy

Why be a whole Miley when you can be Miley's mouth? And the "View" co-host wasn't the only one who can't seem to stop this Halloween – we have a whole ranked list of stars as the twerking girl this Halloween.

5. Jimmy Fallon's daughter Winnie

Look at those legs and her little feet-ies! And the poofy feathers! And the way the light serenades her face while she dreams of golden eggs! Winnie Rose Fallon is so fluffy we're gunna die!!!

6. Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop

YAASSS! Another couple costume that isn't entirely about the sexy! TV show-inspired costumes are normally whatever, but Sarah and her boyfriend's smize and dirty eyez make this a winner. Also, Maggie and Glenn in "Walking Dead" are just so smokin'. And they'll kick your slutty zombie policewoman arse. Four for you, Sarah Hyland!

The world CAN be a great place to live in during Halloween!!!

Honorable Mention: Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady

Gisele and Brady because CUTE and you know you would love to be a top model and find yourself in the arms of a strong, furry man.