Bruce Willis Unloading Beverly Hills Estate for $22 Million

Now that Bruce Willis is dad to a fourth daughter, it seems he just doesn’t think a 10,000 square-foot-home is going to cut it anymore.

The action star – whose second wife Emma Heming gave birth to baby Mabel last April – has listed his walled and gated Beverly Hills estate for $22 million. The “Die Hard” star purchased the property in 2004 for just $6.3 million, according to the real estate website Redfin.

The main house features five bedrooms and two "staff" rooms, while the guest house boasts another four bedrooms, bringing the grand total to 11, along with an equal number of bathrooms. Well, the guy does have a lot of girls in the family.

As for activities, the new owners can look forward to movies in the state-of-the-art screening room, tennis on the private court, readings in the library, mediation in the open-air courtyard, cooking in the gourmet kitchen, and pool parties and barbeques out back. As for whether or not Willis put work into the home he’s owned for nine years, the listing agent did not return omg!’s call for comment, but given the fact he’s now asking nearly $16 million more than what he paid, we’re guessing that would be a yes. And Willis is far from the first celebrity to live in the manse built in 1923 (and given the price, he may not be the last). Michael Jackson as well as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are all former owners. Willis purchased the pad, which sits on nearly an acre, from Alan Ladd Jr., a film industry exec who helped George Lucas get the original “Star Wars” made.

Oh, and for those hoping to pop in for a peek posing as a potential buyer, the listing clearly states that the home is being shown to pre-qualified clients only. So unless you can prove you’ve got more than $20 million to drop on a new home, sorry, you’ll have to keep on walking. Not that anyone walks in Beverly Hills …

Check out more photos of the home in the slideshow below.

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