Bruce Willis Is Totally Out of It While Promoting New ‘Die Hard’ in London

Blame it on the jet lag?

Bruce Willis is in London to promote “A Good Day to Die Hard” – a title the actor strangely cops to not quite completely understanding – and gave a bizarre new interview in which he seemed like he was waking up from a sleep-induced haze.

In a cringe worthy interview on the BBC’s “One Show,” the actor seemed to slur his way through simple questions asked by hosts Alex Jones and Matt Baker.

“What about the title?” Bruce Willis asked Jones and Baker. “Are you confused by it?”

“I was, but I thought about it and I’m alright with it,” Jones responded. “It’s never a good day to die hard,” chimed in Baker.

"Yeah, it's a difficult title. It's A Good Day To.... Dieeee" Willis remarked about the film. This, by the way, is the most lively the actor looked during the whole 10 minute interview.

Jones attempted to save him, adding: "I suppose it's because you had kind of a good day, and if you would have died, well, then so be it! Is that it?"

“That’s right,” Willis said before mumbling something inaudible. “Have a sandwich, and lets go shopping…well, it’s about, it makes about as much sense, or maybe there is ‘A Good Day to Die Hard.’”

Aside from this awkward exchange, Willis seemed to only give one-word answers to the host’s upbeat questions.

Viewers blasted Willis online following the show, calling him an “ignorant and incoherent mumbling moron” according to the Daily Mail.

A spokesperson for the show kept it classy, giving a statement Friday saying: “We were very pleased to have Bruce Willis on the One Show and were very happy with the interview.”

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