Breaking Down Kim and Kanye’s Wedding: 10 Expert Suggestions

A wedding at the Palace of Versailles? A champagne waterfall? A made-for-the-occasion fragrance? A personal yacht for each guest?

When it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's upcoming wedding, no idea is too big! And our experts agree that this will definitely be a wedding for the books.

Yahoo caught up with Marcy Blum, who put together LeBron James's wedding, Harmony Walton of The Bridal Bar, Lisa Gorjestani, owner of Details Events Planning and the woman behind Halle Berry's nuptials, Diann Valentine, who counts Usher and Toni Braxton as clients, and Michael Russo, who designed Kevin Jonas's wedding, to get them to weigh in on Kimye's special day.

The duo — who got engaged in October in a lavish proposal at AT&T Park in San Francisco, complete with fireworks — have reportedly been eying the Palace of Versailles in France for their swanky nuptials and according to 75 percent of the wedding planners we talked to, that royal location is definitely a possibility.

The experts all agreed that the historical Palace of Versailles, which was completed in 1682, would be a regal and fitting locale for the star couple's nuptials, particularly since they have a personal connection to the romantic city. The duo temporarily relocated to the City of Lights in 2013 while Kanye was working on his latest album, and have crossed the pond on numerous occasions to soak up the scene during Paris Fashion Week. Plus, Kim's mom Kris Jenner has already promised that the matrimonial event will be "big" and it is nearly guaranteed that no expense will be spared when it comes to creating Kim and Kanye's dream wedding.

However, according to Hélène Dalifard the Direction de l'Information et de la Communication at the Palace of Versailles, securing the space for a wedding might be trickier than expected — even for pop culture royalty. "Unfortunately, it’s not possible to rent the entire place of Versailles, nor for a wedding nor for anything else. It’s only possible to rent a few part of the palace," Dalifard told Yahoo.

While renting Versailles certainly seems like a lavish idea (if not a difficult one!), our experts had a few other ideas as to how Kim and Kanye's nuptials could truly be over the top!

1. Design a Scent for Their Wedding:
"There are a couple of companies that design scents for your wedding. It is a much more sensory experience and it is very specific to the couple, or each part of the wedding. For example, cocktail hour has one scent, while dinner has another. The scent would be pumped into the spaces." —Marcy Blum

2. Charter a Yacht for Each Guest: "I could see them getting married in the south of France and chartering and renting a private yacht for every couple and guest in attendance. Instead of taking over a hotel space, they're taking over a marina and each guest is gifted with this yacht for the weekend to enjoy, go out for excursions with, and sleep on board at night. " —Harmony Walton

3. Rent a Jet for Transportation: "You could get a 747 and take 200 plus people on a plane. It sounds expensive, but in actuality it is a little cheaper to rent a plane instead of paying for individual tickets for guests." —Michael Russo

4. Champagne That Never Stops Flowing: "Free-flowing champagne towers of Dom Perignon or Cristal is obvious. But you could create a champagne waterfall." —Lisa Gorjestani

5. Every Guest Gets a Personal Butler: "It's similar to checking into a five-star hotel, where there is someone at your beck and call for the entire festivities. You would probably need a personal butler per couple, which could range in cost from $50 an hour to $500 an hour." —Marcy Blum

6. Kanye Chooses a Couture Dress Code for Guests: "I could see Kanye being the creative director of what everybody looks like. It could be a really great collaboration of designers that dress all the guests in custom attire that Kanye chooses. I could see Karl Lagerfeld dressing the family and have Riccardo Tisci do Kim in Givenchy, and Lanvin dressing all the kids that attend the wedding." —Diann Valentine

7. Rent a Private Island: "Obviously celebs can rent Necker Island like Nick and Vanessa Lachey, but there are other islands in the Bahamas and in the Caribbean that are far less frequented and much more private. Even places in Fiji you can rent the entire island and have your guests stay." —Harmony Walton

8. An Array of A-List Vocalists: "I could see Kanye having an array of vocalists … or opera singers, instead of enlisting Beyoncé. I see him totally going eclectic, with something beautiful and amazing." —Diann Valentine

9. A Gift to Remember: "Maybe they could get a crystal Baccarat custom piece that is made just for them and is something their guests they could display in their home. Who doesn't give Baccarat as a party favor?" —Lisa Gorjestani

10. Rent a Villa or an Entire Hotel Out: "I wouldn't be surprised if they did something with a more intimate setting by renting out a villa in Italy. You can rent something from $10,000 per night to millions of dollars." —Michael Russo