Bono Does the Best Bill Clinton Impression Ever

Bono Does the Best Bill Clinton Impression Ever

Had the whole iconic rock star thing not worked for Bono, he would have made one heckuva good Bill Clinton impersonator.

The annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting is taking place in Manhattan this week and when the former president was late to a panel on Tuesday morning, the 53-year-old singer and humanitarian hopped into Clinton's seat and greeted the assembled audience, doing a spot-on impression of the famed politico.

"When I first met Bono, he walked into the Oval Office and I actually thought he was a member of his own road crew," the U2 frontman said in a voice uncannily similar to the 42nd president. "He wasn't really dressed right. Actually, I felt like the rock star on that occasion. But together we did this Drop the Debt thing. My god — there's 51 million children going to school in Africa, that's pretty good, is that right?"

The audience was entertained by the Irish charmer … and so was Clinton. When he made his way to the stage after nearly two minutes of Bono's schtick, Clinton quipped, "I must be really easy to make fun of."

Jokes aside, the men went on to discuss global issues during the "Mobilizing for Impact" panel. And Clinton had an especially busy day: It concluded with a sit-down with President Barack Obama during which they discussed healthcare, assisted by moderator Chelsea Clinton.

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