Bill Murray Strikes Again: See Him Crash a Couple's Engagement Photo Shoot

Bill Murray posing with the happy couple. (
Bill Murray posing with the happy couple. (

You never know exactly where the enigmatic Bill Murray may turn up, but never in a million years would we have guessed it would be in a Charleston, South Carolina, couple's engagement photo shoot.

Wedding photographer Raheel Gauba was snapping photos of Ashley Donald and Erik Rogers on the streets of downtown Charleston when he noticed his subjects appeared distracted. The distraction turned out to be the Grand Budapest Hotel star, 63, who was razzing the couple.

"I thought who the heck is bothering them," Gauba, who owns Fia Forever Photography, told the Post and Courier. "I turn around and it's Bill Murray with his shirt up, belly out, tapping his belly and trying to make them laugh."

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So what was the photographer to do? Invite him to pose for a photo with Donald and Rogers. He obliged, posing with a contented look on his face. Murray then congratulated the couple and went on his way.

While Murray is best known for his legendary movie career, his offbeat antics when he's not working has won over even more fans. We're still smiling over his Pabst Blue Ribbon golfing getup — and the speech he gave when he crashed a bachelor party last month is everything.

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