Bill Cosby Accuser Chloe Goins: What We Know About the Model Pursuing Criminal Charges

Bill Cosby and Chloe Goins (Getty Images)
Bill Cosby and Chloe Goins (Getty Images)

Though Bill Cosby has been doing his darndest to get back to business as usual, his precarious situation may have just taken a turn for the worse. Chloe Goins, a model who claims the comedian drugged and sexually abused her during a 2008 encounter at the Playboy Mansion, met with Los Angeles police on Wednesday to pursue criminal charges.

This is significant because Goins is the first Cosby accuser whose case appears to fall within the statute of limitations, making it possible that the icon could face legal repercussions (instead of just a seriously damaged reputation). But who is Goins? Here's what has come to light so far.

She is a 24-year-old model and dancer (exotic, mostly, it seems) who first came forward with her allegations last month. At the time, Goins insisted it wasn't something she ever hoped to share with the world. "This isn't something I really wanted out there about myself, but I saw all the women who had come forward — over 20 women — and it grossed me out," she revealed. "I feel he needs to pay for it. He deserves to pay for it."

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Goins originally hails from San Diego but has been living and working in Las Vegas for many years — including at the time of the alleged attack, according to the Daily Mail. ABC has reported that this was the first and only time she went to the mansion.

But Goins's past may not be spotless. The blonde was allegedly arrested on misdemeanor charges back in May 2011, which included one count of soliciting prostitution. However, according to reports, even though officers had probable cause to arrest Goins, charges were never filed.

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At a press conference on Wednesday, Goins remained silent while her attorney did the talking. "Ms. Goins and I are here for two reasons: for justice and accountability," Spencer Kurvin declared.

We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out, but while many aspects remain uncertain, one thing is decidedly clear: There's no way Goins will get through this without all of us learning a whole lot more about who she really is.