The Biggest Threat Against Justin Bieber’s Cars: Lil Twist

None of Justin Bieber’s cars are safe with Lil Twist behind the wheel.

In the first nine weeks of this year alone, the wannabe rapper has received at least two tickets for reckless driving, caused $10,000 worth of damage to a Ferrari, was the one behind the wheel of Bieber’s car during a traffic stop that led to a paparazzo’s death, and has now been involved in a hit-and-run.

On Thursday, it was reported that Lil Twist – who has also been a player in Bieber’s pot and sizzurp controversies – struck a cement pole at a liquor store in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley Tuesday evening while driving the singer’s 18th birthday present, his $100,000 chromed-out Fisker Karma … and then just sped off.

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But not before getting rid of all the evidence. According to TMZ, the 19-year-old called a friend after the wreck, who showed up in a BMW and instructed him to “Get all the pieces from the car [that fell] and put it in [the BMW],” which he did before hopping into his pal’s car and leaving the Fisker Karma behind.

Not long before the alleged hit-and-run, Lil Twist posted a photo on Instagram from behind the wheel of the luxury sports car as he drove around the San Fernando Valley, based on the signs for the 101 Freeway … so it certainly puts him near the scene of the crime that day.

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Strangely, the following day, he then posted a photo of him and comedian Tommy Davidson sitting on the hood of Bieber’s Fisker Karma … as if it was his own! Was the rapper trying to throw everyone off by showing the front end of the car still intact? There’s also a good chance that the photo is actually older, but was just posted on Wednesday, because while Davidson was in Hollywood that day for the premiere of “The Call” … he was not wearing the same clothes he was in the photo with Lil Twist.

This, of course, is not the first time this year Lil Twist or Bieber’s other hanger-on, Lil Za, have gotten into some pretty big trouble with one of the pricey cars in the 19-year-old millionaire’s fleet.

March 1
Just days before Lil Twist wrecked the Fisker Karma, he was pulled over in the same area, this time for making an unsafe lane change while speeding along the 101. Although the cop let him off the hook for the violation, he did get a ticket for having tinted windows … which we suppose is technically really Bieber’s fault.

February 1-3
For three days running, Lil Za, also 19, was behind the wheel of Bieber’s white Ferrari. On February 1, the wannabe rapper was pulled over for having tinted windows, but it turned out he did not have a license, so he was handcuffed by police on Sunset Boulevard. In a video of the incident taken by TMZ, Lil Za is visibly angry as he’s being questioned by LAPD. As one officer leads the rapper to the back a squad car (he was later given a citation and released), a photographer asks, “Lil Twist, what happened?” to which Lil Za snaps, “I’m not f**king Lil Twist!”
The very next afternoon, Lil Za was back at it … despite not having a license. After dropping off a female passenger at a Downtown Los Angeles Chipotle restaurant, he made an illegal U-turn and – you guessed it – the cops pulled him over and issued a ticket. (Do you think Bieber pays for those too?)
During the early hours of February 3, Lil Za was out on the town in Beverly Hills driving Bieber’s Ferrari … this time, without incident.

January 30
Bieber’s $200,000 Ferrari, a favorite plaything of Lil Za’s too, was sitting in a repair shop after Lil Twist did some major damage to its underside after peeling out of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. The bill? A whopping $10,000 … which was conveniently paid for by the Four Seasons in order to maintain their “lucrative relationship” with Bieber (and his no-name friends, it seems).

January 1
Just hours into the new year, Lil Twist was pulled over along the 405 Freeway for speeding, but the simple infraction turned deadly when a photographer who thought he was trailing Bieber, was struck and killed by another motorist as he snapped photos.

When will the pop star learn to stop loaning out his pricey cars to his driving-challenged friends?

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