Bieber Brings Back Bangs to Distract Us From Awful ‘Stache

The Bieber bangs are back!

Justin Bieber debuted a new hairstyle over the weekend — and it's totally retro. To the delight of tween girls everywhere, the "Boyfriend" singer has brought back his signature hair flip.

The 19-year-old sported the throwback look which helped make him famous on Sunday during New York Fashion Week. Seated front row at the Y-3 runway show, Bieber had on a black shirt and leather drop-crotch pants with white hightop sneakers. For most of the show he wore a hat, but when he first sat down he left it off, revealing his hairstyle.

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While it's fun to see his old style — which his young fans were, well, flipping over on Instagram ("THE FLIP !!! OMG," wrote _steph_0126) — there was something very new about his overall look, too. He was sporting a mustache!

If you look closely you can see that The Biebs is trying to rock some man fuzz. We say trying because he's just not all the way there yet. The teenager's 'stache is light in color and not particularly thick. It looks more like a dust bunny than the Tom Selleck.

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That said, in 2010 he was so follically challenged that he drew on a fake 'stache on with a pen. So, all things considered, he's come a long way.

Are you glad Bieber brought back the flip? And what about his new 'stache? Weigh in below.

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