Beyonce: How the Inauguration Will Affect Her Super Bowl Gig

Matt Donnelly

Beyonce had plenty of competition at Monday’s Presidential Inauguration.

A beaming Barack Obama, the bangs covering the First Lady’s forehead, the adorable Sasha and Malia. Even her husband, Jay-Z.

But she still stole the show, as Beyonce tends to do, first with her rousing rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and then on Tuesday morning with allegations that she lip synced the national anthem.

Integrity is a massive part of Beyonce’s brand, one that’s built on doling out small reveals of the singer’s glamorous life and showcasing her extensive body of work. Her name and image is a promise, one she’s often made on stage, to give her all to her fans.

What now?

This was not the moment for controversy. She has as many as three musical projects in the pipeline, including a recently announced Destiny’s Child mini-reunion. There’s also the HBO documentary she produced and directed, “Life Is But A Dream,” premiering in February.

Then there’s the issue of her next live performance at the Super Bowl, which happens to be the highest-rated annual telecast in the country, last year garnering 110 million eyeballs for Madonna’s halftime show.

No pressure.

“This was not a concert,” Howard Bragman, crisis communications vet and vice chairman of, said on Monday.

“It was an historic occasion and in a day that went extraordinarily smooth on every level, and this was one thing people can pick on … I think you’ll see her sing live at the Super Bowl.”

omg! also spoke with a former sound engineer who worked with the superstar for two years when Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, held the reigns of her career.

“In my experience, with a big live performance it’s almost expected you’re going to sing to a track,” said the source, who preferred not to be named due to professional obligation.

“A track” refers to a backing track, which is a prerecorded vocal in place for major gigs like the Inauguration, should there be technical issues or anything else unexpected. It’s meant to assist, not replace, a live performance.

“I’m positive that she probably sang and sang her heart out, but when she pulled her earpiece out of her ear, it looked like she was being thrown off,” the source said.

“Probably by the sound of the [backing] track.”

Sung or unsung, it’s undeniable that intense scrutiny will come for the halftime show.

Her normally elaborate dancing could be considerably trimmed down in order to maintain her voice, one that will now have to communicate things like breathing to translate as live but also resonate beautifully and precisely.

She’ll have to be equally imperfect and flawless. But isn’t that Beyonce?

“She’s a true performer, so she would pretty much power through anything,” the engineer concluded about the Inauguration controversy.

And power through... she’ll no doubt do.

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