Beyoncé Debuts a Super Short, Super Blond New ‘Do

If you can believe it, Queen B has debuted a super short pixie cut. Wait … say what?!

Beyoncé posted the new look to Instagram on Wednesday, showing herself in a dressing room gazing into the mirror at her much blonder, newly cropped style. While her fans seem to be divided over the edgy change-up, we must say we are "Crazy in Love" with how it accentuates her incredible cheekbones and beautiful eyes more than ever.

While the 31-year-old superstar's long tresses that she's had for 15 years have always made a big statement both on and off stage, she is certainly making a whole new one with this sassy style!

Sasha Fierce has been known to switch up her looks many times over the years, going from braids to bangs and straight to curly, and even though she's still blond, this is definitely the first time she's made such a dramatic change.

While we have to wonder if perhaps her new look is due to her weave getting caught in the blades of a fan during a Montreal performance on July 22, we know one thing for sure: She looks amazing.

Check out the video to decide whether you agree, and be sure to watch "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for all the latest in entertainment news.

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