Beyoncé's Lead Dancer: Don't Believe the Marital Strife Hype

Beyoncé and hubby Jay Z have recently been plagued with tabloid rumors that their marriage is on the rocks. But at least one person in the "Drunk in Love" singer's inner circle says not to believe everything you read.

Ashley Everett is Beyoncé’s lead backup dancer — her main girl to the left… both on tour, on the Super Bowl stage, and in 10 of her biggest music videos — and when The Insider with Yahoo's Keltie Knight sat down with her to talk about being on Bey and Jay Z's On The Run tour (which swings through L.A. for two shows at the Rose Bowl this weekend), she backed up her boss yet again.

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"I think after a certain amount of time, there's only so much a person can take," Everett explained while addressing how numerous media outlets have misread Beyoncé’s Instagram posts as a response to her dismissing the rumors. "She's expressed it through her art and through her music and that's her outlet."

Beyoncé and Jay Z on stage Wednesday in Seattle (Instagram)
Beyoncé and Jay Z on stage Wednesday in Seattle (Instagram)

Last night, Beyoncé, 32, posted a very intimate pic to Instagram of herself and Jay on stage in Seattle, leading many more cynical observers to accuse her of overcompensating for the rampant rumors. Of course, the pic is no different than any other plethora of family photos she has shared over the years on social media.

Everett also raved to Knight about what Bey is really like to work with: "[Beyoncé] is much more down to earth than a lot of people think… In rehearsals she will take off her shoes and be barefoot, we will just be in there sweating, her hair will just be in a messy bun, she will have no makeup on; it's not that serious to her."

The Queen Bey is apparently also much more relaxed since giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy.  "Now that she has Blue, I think she doesn't take other things as [seriously]," noted the dancer. "She used to be all about work and now it's about family and Blue. We will be in the middle of rehearsals and Blue will come on and we will take like a 30 minute break… She is the cutest, sweetest girl."

For more of Everett's interview, tune in to The Insider tonight, and for new behind-the-scenes details from Beyoncé's On The Run tour, watch The Insider on Monday, Aug. 4.