Beyoncé Dispels Pregnancy Rumors … One Sip at a Time

Beyoncé has yet to directly dispel those lingering pregnancy rumors, but it seems that we finally have our answer!

The 31-year-old singing superstar, who is currently on the road for her Mrs. Carter world tour, populated her Tumblr page with a fun array of photos from her global travels — and one in particular is rather telling. It shows Bey sitting on the lap of her husband Jay-Z, 43, and in her mint-green manicured hand is a big ole glass of red wine.

And, in what seems to be a clear message, she is sipping that big ole glass of red wine. Further seeming to make her point, she also has posted a close-up of the bottle — a nice Italian — as well a photo of cases upon cases of wine in the restaurant.

Now, of course, we know that some pregnant women may indulge in the occasional glass of wine — doctors opinions differ on the topic. However, federal guidelines on drinking are pretty clear in that abstinence is recommended because a safe level of prenatal alcohol consumption has not been determined. And Beyoncé doesn't seem the type to openly flaunt it in such a way if she is in fact pregnant.

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The sudden influx of wine photos are just one of the recent hints she's dropped related to her rumored pregnancy. From her skintight costumes to her recent meal of tuna salad (another pregnancy no-no), you can check them all out here.

But what do you think? Does this convince you that Blue Ivy will remain an only child for the time being, or do you still think Queen Bey is in the family way?

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