AskMen’s Great Male Survey Results: Do Guys Prefer Kate Upton or Emma Stone?

The results of AskMen's annual Great Male Survey are in, and they reveal some surprising facts about men and their romantic desires.

When asked what female archetype men most wanted to date, the "bombshell" won by a wide margin, more than doubling any other single option.

16.5% The Comedienne
40.5% The Bombshell
15.4% The Indie Film Star
8.7% The Award-Winner
18.7% The Strong Personality

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has read a magazine, turned on a television or not lived under a rock for the past year, as mega-blond bombshell Kate Upton has dominated men's imaginations. Videos of her casually dancing at NBA games or bouncing up and down in bikinis have gone viral, and a leaked video of her riding topless on a horse nearly broke the Internet when it was released this past month.

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But what was surprising was men's clear preference for the milder, more family-friendly personality in their romantic lives. When asked which celebrity men would want their girlfriend to be more like, media darlings Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence both beat out Kate Upton

23% Kate Upton
31% Emma Stone
32% Jennifer Lawrence
10% Tina Fey
4% Kerry Washington

All three are gorgeous women, of course, but it turns out, when thinking romantically and deciding on who they'd want to date, men prefer Oscar-winning actresses to back-to-back Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover models. This could also have to do with Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence's reputations as "America’s sweethearts," golden girls with charm and talent but who still manage to be down to earth.

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But there's reason to believe men's judgment in another area is not as sound as it should be. When asked which male celebrity or pop culture icon would make the best wingman, Ryan Gosling came out on top.

42% Ryan Gosling
26% Seth Rogen
14% Donald Glover
4% Louis C.K.
14% Drake

Ideally, when choosing a wingman, you want someone who will draw attention to you, not to himself, and Gosling can't go anywhere without distracting every woman in the room. A better alternative may be Louis C.K.: he's funny, charming, and famous enough to draw people in, without being so devilishly handsome that women propose to him on the spot.

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Men made up for this lapse in judgment when they were asked which celebrity would make the best president. Political pundit/comedian Jon Stewart and politically-aware actor and all-around badass Matt Damon rocked the vote:

22% Oprah
16% The Rock
30% Matt Damon
32% Jon Stewart

Head over to AskMen to see the rest of the results.

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