Arsenio Hall Breaks Down Over the Late Whitney Houston

Arsenio Hall Breaks Down Over the Late Whitney Houston

It's rare to see Arsenio Hall doing anything other than smiling on his late night show, but the 57-year-old broke down Wednesday night while talking with "Tyler Perry's The Haves and Have Nots" actress Tika Sumpter about the late Whitney Houston.

"Whitney was everything," Tika said about playing the late singer's daughter in "Sparkle." "You'd be sitting in a corner, and I'd be just kind of quiet, they'd be changing for the set-up, and she's like, 'You okay, baby? Who do I need to talk to to make sure you're all right?' And I'm like, 'I'm good' and she's like, 'All right, I got you.' She was just like a mother."

Hearing the actress gush about his longtime friend quickly brought tears to the comedian's eyes.

"She was a great girl," Hall said. "She was always a big supporter. She would have loved that I'm doing this again."

The Grammy-winning actress, who was inducted into New Jersey's Hall of Fame on Tuesday, and "The Arsenio Hall Show" host were great friends throughout their careers, both big supporters of each other personally and professionally.

Arsenio introduced Whitney to his friend Eddie Murphy, while she showed her support by appearing on his first talk show many times throughout its run from 1989-1994.

"The first time we ever did anything, I remember, her father called me and said, 'Hey, Whitney's in town, and she’s not promoting a record or anything now … but she really wants to do something,'" Hall told the Akron Beacon Journal Online in 2012. "I said, 'Have her come on and walk out during the monologue. And she shows up. I’m doing the monologue, she walks out, and for me and this new, young show, it was amazing."

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