Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants to Share the Joy of Blowing Stuff Up

Arnold Schwarzenegger, ready to make things explode (YouTube)
Arnold Schwarzenegger, ready to make things explode (YouTube)

Arnold Schwarzenegger knows a thing or two about blowing stuff up — in movies, that is. After all, he's a bona fide action star.

"I've blown up buildings, terrorist camps, I mean, all kinds of things I've blown up," he told Yahoo over the phone Tuesday. "It is always a great joy to see action and spectacle in front of you."

With experience, of course, comes wisdom and stories. "Whenever you deal with explosives, whenever you deal with special effects, inevitably there are mistakes made," he said. When he was filming The Running Man, he recalled being told "we're gonna blow up the corner," and that it would happen when he got there. However, "two steps before I got to the corner, they blew up the corner. And all the debris and everything went right into my face," he laughed. "Things like that happen."

But bloopers and general massive explosions aside, former Governor Schwarzenegger — who currently stars in the zombie drama Maggie alongside Abigail Breslin as well as upcoming Terminator: Genisys this summer — is giving one of his fans the opportunity to be a part of yet another Schwarzenegger-induced explosion. This lucky fan will get to rejoice in watching objects explode into nothingness with him — and for a good cause, too. He has partnered with Omaze for a campaign called "Blow Sh*t Up With Arnold Schwarzenegger," complete with a hilarious how-to-video. People who donate to the campaign can possibly win the opportunity to do exactly that.

But of course, this is about more than watching cars go into flames. "You know it's not only fun, but it also benefits a charity," Schwarzenegger said. This explosive (pun intended) opportunity benefits After-School All-Stars, an organization which provides kids who would otherwise be aimless in those vulnerable hours between when the bell rings and when their parents get home with enriching, rewarding, and fun activities after school. It's obviously a program that's very dear to Schwarzenegger; he partnered with Omaze last year to benefit the cause with a similar contest in a which a fan won the opportunity to crush things with him.

Schwarzenegger spoke to us about the importance of the program: "I grew up in the old days when there was one parent at home, raising the kids," he told us, recognizing how that's not the case anymore. And for those children who are without childcare, they have nowhere to go... and they need someplace to go. The star provided us with a jarring statistic: "There's 20 million kids."

"They are floating around in the streets after dark and drifting around with no adult supervision. And then you have kids floating around, drifting around without adult supervision, you will inevitably have trouble. Because those kids get into trouble," he said, citing crime, drugs, alcohol, violence, and gangs as examples of the troubles in which youngsters often entwine themselves.

But Arnold also told us how this isn't just about eviscerating troubled kids from the streets — it's about giving these children opportunities. Schwarzenegger mentioned how after-school programs can provide kids with tutoring, homework help, music, sports, and more — including much needed help. For instance, with homework, they can "ask somebody, and say I don't get it." Kids also receive the much-needed benefit of positive affirmation. "When you have adult supervision, then you have grownups telling the kids that they're great, that they can make it, they're gonna be successful." That positive affirmation ultimately helps these kids who would otherwise drop out go onto graduate high school. And as the Governator told us, they often go on to trade school or college.

So blowing s--t up with Arnold is really for a good cause. "For every dollar you spend that's five dollars you save down the line because kids are not getting into trouble," he implored.

Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a car explode (YouTube)
Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a car explode (YouTube)

Allright, so let's say you (yes, you!) are the lucky winner and you do get to blow stuff up with Arnold. What will you get to explode and leave in the dust behind you as you walk off into the sunset (while maybe taking a selfie with Schwarzenegger, too)? "We are very, very sensitive about that," Arnold told us. "They're gonna give us a list of things we can blow up," he said while noting "the fun [for the winner] is being in the shots." He also added, "They're a part of it."

But in real life, Arnold obviously doesn't want to blow up anyone, which should be apparent, given his altriusm. In fact, he told Yahoo if he could blow up — or eradicate — one problem in today's world, he would "blow up every single death that occurs that is unnatural death. So that includes wars, drunk driving, homicides, suicides, everything like that." It's what happens when an action hero meets an altruist.

It's evident Arnold exemplifies a balance — that of a ripped action star and a truly philanthropic person. (Although, c'mon, he is the Governator.)

To enter the Blow S**t Up With Arnold contest, donate to After-School All-Stars, and pick up some other cool prizes along the way, go to