Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Are (Elegant) Winos

Only the best will do for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

With the couple now getting serious about wine, the appropriate place for them to celebrate ahead of Jolie's 38th birthday on Tuesday was Il Vino, the Parisian restaurant run by Enrico Bernardo, the youngest-ever winner of the World's Best Sommelier award. Brad Pitt knows what his Oscar-winning fiancée likes!

He personally arranged the surprise dinner, which featured a tasting menu and a variety of French wines, on Monday afternoon, according to People.

Jolie and Pitt dined privately in the establishment's back room, which they surely enjoyed after all the chaos they encountered earlier in the evening at the Paris premiere of Pitt's film "World War Z." As if a Brangelina sighting weren't exciting enough on its own, the evening marked only the second occasion the actress had taken to the red carpet since last month's revelation that she underwent a double mastectomy in an effort to prevent breast cancer.

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At Il Vino, once it was just the two of them, the couple indulged.

"Their main plate was langoustines (small lobsters) with a French wine," a fellow diner told the magazine. "And there was a dessert — a cake, because it was her birthday."

Afterward, Jolie and Pitt dropped by nightclub Silencio for drinks with the rest of the "World War Z" cast and crew … where presumably they had more wine.

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And just in case the oenophiles didn't get enough of the good stuff last night, they always have access to their own wine — and not just their personal collection. Jolie and Pitt, of course, became winemakers themselves when they collaborated with one of France's most respected vintners , Marc Perrin, on their Miraval Rosé. The wine comes from their Château Miraval, the 35-bedroom estate and vineyard sitting on 1,200 acres that they bought for a cool $60 million last year after leasing it since 2008.

The first 6,000 bottles of Jolie and Pitt’s wine offered online sold out in just five hours, and other vintages continue to sell quickly — when they're available.

They know their wine.

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