Amanda Bynes Skips Hearing for Driving on Suspended License Charges, Dyes Hair Pink

Amanda Bynes has more important things to worry about than court.

The very troubled actress was a no-show in a Burbank, California, court on Tuesday morning for a pre-trial hearing regarding two misdemeanor charges for driving without a license. Instead her attorney, Richard Hutton, was there in her place, and he asked the judge for a continuance, which was granted. The next hearing has been set for May 9 and Bynes will likely not be there for that, either.

As omg! previously reported, Bynes' license was suspended last September after she was arrested for DUI and had multiple hit-and-runs in just a matter of months. Still, she continued to drive (and even got into another fender bender) until police eventually pulled her over at the airport after she drove aimlessly around a valet parking area for 90 minutes.

Since then, the "retired" actress has been living in New York City, where she has still been raising eyebrows … except now, just not behind the wheel of a car.

On Monday, Bynes, 26, was photographed walking around the city with her blond hair dyed what appears to be pink … or perhaps a faded red. The new color – which looks a lot like the same hue from her April 2012 mug shot – must have been done at home because when she turned around to check herself out in a store's window, the back of her head revealed blond patches. At least Bynes was dressed somewhat appropriately for the cold weather wearing a hooded jacket … and Adidas sandals with white socks.

Also on Monday, she went on another of her now typical Twitter crazes, posting random thoughts, including, "Knowing you'll end up with that person but you just can't be with them right now," "If you don't get jealous it's because you don't care," "When I like you, no one could say anything to change the way I feel," and "Win from within."

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