Amanda Bynes Insists She Has a Redhead Impostor

Are two Amanda Bynes better than one?

The "retired" actress – who turns 27 today – is claiming that photos taken of what appeared to be her walking around New York City on Monday with an amateur red/pink dye job is an impostor.

In a series of tweets she has since deleted, Bynes insists this person is not her. "My hair is blonde I've never been a redhead! Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on twitter for up to date pictures!"

But one glance at her Twitter shows only recent shots of her eyes and lips. The last time she posted anything of her hair was March 29 … and yes, it was still blond then.

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Bynes also pointed out more evidence the non-blonde is not her, including her facial piercings. "Fake or real microdermals same glasses!" she continued in another tweet she also deleted. "I don't own those clothes and I'm blonde! Haha!"

While we have no way of knowing if Bynes really does own the black sweatpants and Adidas sandals (with white socks!) that the alleged "Amanda" doppelganger was wearing on Monday, the rings she had on her fingers are the same as those that can be seen in prior photos taken of her in public.

Another interesting clue: "Amanda" was carrying a FedEx envelope as she ran errands on Monday. And according to a new report, her lawyer is working on a plea deal with prosecutors in Burbank, California, in the case of her two charges of driving without a license.

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As omg! reported, Bynes was a no-show in court on Tuesday – at which her lawyer, Richard Hutton, asked for a continuance in her case. And it seems the holdup is that he's waiting on signed notarized forms from his client, so perhaps that's what "Amanda" was clutching on Monday. Hutton is due back in court on her behalf on May 9 … so let's hope Bynes can return the legal forms to him by then!

Although she seems disturbingly troubled, fans are still holding out hope for Bynes to turn it all around. Many of the commenters on another story omg! published on Wednesday morning for her 27th birthday shared their well wishes. "She was very funny on her show. Please come back to us Amanda!," wrote Flo W. Added user Demonoid, "I hope she gets her life straighen out soon! I wish her all the best!"

As do we! Happy 27th Amanda!

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