Was Amanda Bynes Evicted? Omg! Talks to a Building Insider

One thing is certain: Amanda Bynes no longer lives at the building where she allegedly dropped a bong from her 37th floor window.

Whether or not she was evicted from her New York City apartment or moved out on her own accord is still a question mark. According to an insider at The Biltmore apartment building, Bynes only lived at the complex at 271 West 47th Street for two months before she abruptly left following her arrest last week.

Our source originally claimed she was "kicked out" but quickly backtracked saying she "moved out because she didn't like the paparazzi outside."
Omg! reached out to a representative for the Jack Parker Corporation, which owns The Biltmore, and they "cannot speak" on the matter "due to confidentiality agreements between tenants and landlords."

However, our insider shared plenty about the former "All That" star, whom he called "clearly troubled." The source said residents of the swanky abode steered clear of the former child star and did not speak to her when they shared an elevator. He spilled that "she always kept to herself" and did not bother people.

He also claimed that some residents didn't even recognize the 27-year-old actress, as she regularly wore wigs around the building and only appeared there one to two times per week.

"You wouldn't even recognizer her," he explained. "She's not the same star I remembered from Nickelodeon."

While the Times Square abode does not offer month-to-month leases, apparently Bynes was allowed to move out of her apartment after her two-month stint. Our source mentioned that she may have wanted to leave because the paparazzi constantly hounded her at the building.

Omg! managed to take a tour of a vacant apartment on the 37th floor. We cannot confirm that this is the apartment where Bynes lived, but the one-bedroom flat shared the same grey and white bathroom fixtures that can be seen from the numerous selfies the fallen star posted to Twitter.

The apartment, which is approximately 600 square feet, had sweeping views of both Times Square and the Hudson River with several windows in the living room, den, and bedroom. The space is listed near $4,000 per month -- hardly an extravagant sticker price for a New York City home in a doorman building.

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