Yahoo Celebrity’s Best Person on the Internet This Month: How Jimmy Fallon Won February

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In 2014, Yahoo Celebrity is going to honor the person who through their very presence made the Internet a better place. Each month we’ll recognize one celeb for their contributions to pop culture — whether they made a splash on social media, inspired multiple memes, or simply started a new hair trend, we’ll pay tribute to the person who made the biggest – and the best – impact on our world.

Heeere's the Best Person on the Internet This Month: Jimmy Fallon

Ladies and gentleman, let us count the top eight reasons — there are many, many more — why Jimmy Fallon ruled the month of February.

1. Host With the Most: Fallon, 39, became the sixth host of NBC's  iconic "Tonight Show" on Feb. 17, and he didn't even try to conceal his excitement. "This is it," he posted on Instagram the day before his debut. "We are starting a new chapter of the Tonight Show. I can't even begin to describe what we are all feeling right now here at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC. But - I know that we'll never have this exact feeling ever again. By this time tomorrow we'll no longer wonder what it would be like to do the Tonight Show. We can't put that feeling - that moment back in the bottle. All we can do is try to make the best show that we can and make people happy. And we will. Here's to the first of many. Fun." He even wiped a tear from his eyes as he stepped onto the stage to welcome his first guests, Will Smith and U2.

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2. Same Old Jimmy: Fans were happy to see that Fallon didn't change just because he moved into an earlier time slot; He was still the same down-to-earth Jimmy, willing to laugh at himself, whether he was swapping coats with basketball giant Shaquille O'Neal; having his famous friends pay him back on TV as part of a running joke that they all bet he would never make it this far; or agreeing to take the Polar Plunge, an icy swim in Lake Michigan alongside Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on a day forecast to be between 16 and 20 degrees, to benefit the Special Olympics. (In exchange, Emanuel agreed to appear on the show. That Fallon drives such a hard bargain!)

3. Fresh Moves: He brought back the Carlton! While that alone would have been enough to win us over, Fallon also had the original "Fresh Prince" (aka Will Smith) bust out a few more of the moves born in the days of hammer pants and backward jeans …  otherwise known as the '90s.

4. Just-in Time: Fallon reteamed with Justin Timberlake, his partner in many a gut-busting sketch on his old show and "Saturday Night Live," for the next installment of the beloved “History of Rap” franchise. As always, they hit it “Straight Outta Compton.”

5. Everybody Knows Jimmy's Name: Sticking with what Fallon does best really paid off in the ratings. His version of the "Tonight Show" scored big, attracting an average audience of 8.5 million viewers in its first week. To put that in perspective, it was the "Tonight Show's" most-watched week since May 17-21, 1993, which included the night the cast of "Cheers" guested after the last episode aired, averaging 9.1 million viewers.

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6. First in Late Night: Fallon can charm anyone, even the first lady, into getting goofy! None other than Michelle Obama stopped by Fallon's first week on the job to cameo in a sketch with Fallon and the hilarious Will Ferrell.

7. Starry Nights: In fact, he had huge guests every night. The likes of Drew Barrymore, Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill, and many, many more were willing to do just about anything for Jimmy.

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8. Social Media Maverick: Fallon, who had 11.7 million Twitter followers at last count, has proven time and again that he can use social media (and good-naturedly mock it) like no one else. He's even given a funny glimpse of what Beatlemania would have looked like if social media had been around back then.

Runners-Up for the Best Person on the Internet This Month: Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir

The dazzling figure skating duo magically were among the biggest winners of the Winter Olympics in Sochi … and they weren't even competing! Lipinski, 31, who happens to be a 1998 Olympic gold medalist herself, and Weir, 29, also a former Olympian, made tuning in for the live coverage of their sport a special, whimsical fashion-filled treat. As a result, they'll be taking their color-coordinated show on the road (albeit still a little closer to home) when they cover Oscar style for "Access Hollywood" this year. But it was their Instagram feeds — both their joint one and their individual displays — that really earned them this honor. Case in point: