5 Pieces of Celebrity Advice From Miss Piggy

Hello to all of moi fans here on omg!. In celebration of the trailer debut of my new movie, "Muppets Most Wanted" (featuring moi's award-worthy performance), here are my top five bits of advice for young stars new to the Tinseltown scene. But before you learn from moi, check out the trailer for my latest film:

Now that you've replayed that five times and marked down March 21 in your calendars, it's time to present moi's tips for young celebrity wannabes. Kissy kissy!

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1. Always keep the public wanting more
What will she be wearing? Who will be her date? Where is she dining tonight? If you’ve reached elite celebrity status like moi, these are just a handful of the questions that will keep your star shining bright when it comes to the adoring public. How do you keep them asking these questions? By answering them before they ask! I always tell the paparazzi exactly where I'll be, what I'll be wearing, and who I'll be dining with ... whether they want to know or not.

2. Reinvent yourself
There's a reason why Madonna, Lady Gaga, and moi are so famous: We constantly challenge ourselves to be one step ahead. Whether it comes to fashion, events, or our digital world, it's important to not only be on the pulse of what's happening, but be ahead of the trends. In some cases, you may make a teensy-weensy error in judgment, so whatever you do, never look back.

3. When in doubt, ask yourself: What would Celine do?
Look up "perfection," "talent," and "grace" in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of Celine Dion inset in a much larger picture of moi. That spot is well deserved! Celine and moi have always sought inspiration in each other and whenever I need a shot of creative energy, I just think of how she has always stayed true to being as much like moi as possible. Love 2 U Celine!

4. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
It's not stealing, it's an homage! The secret is putting your own twist on it. I've used other musicians' songs in my act and others have taken some of moi signature bits and used them in new ways: No one would ever forget that moi originated the foam finger back in ... [year has been omitted to hide Miss Piggy's youthful age].

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5. Long distance is the wrong distance
Throughout moi's career, the one thing that has stayed constant is the relationship between me and my dreamy frog! No matter where global stardom takes me, I always remember to keep Kermie by my side. (Moi's wardrobe is a close second, but the frog comes first!) For any celebrities trying to make a glamorous Hollywood relationship work, just remember that proximity — even if it means not letting go of his adorable little hand — is the best way to make the love last. That reminds me ... we need a celebrity couple name. Kermiggy? Pigmit? Miss Piggit? I better work on that one.

Until next time! Kissy kissy!