3 Florida Cops Suspended Over Justin Bieber's Miami Mayhem

Justin Bieber's wild Miami Beach getaway has had unhappy consequences for more than just him.

We're sure you've heard that the 19-year-old singer was charged with drunken driving and resisting arrest after being pulled over for drag racing early Thursday morning. His singer pal Khalil was arrested, too. However, now three police officers are in the hot seat over allegations that, prior to the arrest drama, they gave the Canadian crooner and his entourage a VIP escort around Miami without the authorization to do so.

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There is an investigation underway into reports that a trio of officers from Opa-Locka, which is a crime-plagued suburban city within Miami, ushered Bieber's posse from the Opa-Locka Executive Airport, where the star's plane touched down, to various clubs on Monday night. And those various clubs included strip clubs, where Bieber reportedly dropped $75,000 celebrating his pal Lil Scrappy's birthday.

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David Chiverton, who is the deputy city manager of Opa-Locka, told CNN the three officers would be suspended with pay pending an investigation. He also said that he didn't know how the escort arrangement was initiated. (A rep for the mayor's office has not yet responded to Yahoo's request for comment.)

An article in the Miami Herald last year said Opa-Locka had "one of the most scandal-plagued police departments in South Florida."

Bieber has had quite the Miami "vacation." After Monday night's debauchery, he spent a couple days tooling around town in a rented yellow Lamborghini, hitting the beach with his father and Khalil, and hanging out at Lil Wayne's private skateboarding park.

Early Thursday morning is when things came to a head. After partying at a nightclub, Bieber, who actually has an expired driver's license, drove off with model Chantel Jeffries as his passenger. He was pulled over at just after 4 a.m. for drag racing and was subsequently arrested. According to the police report, he became belligerent when questioned by officers, dropping the F-bomb many times as he was taken into custody. He also admitted that he had been drinking, smoking pot, and had taken prescription medication.

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After facing the judge on Thursday, Bieber — whose smiley mug shot made the rounds yesterday — made bond and left jail. While he was photographed with his father after being released, he's otherwise remained out of sight in Miami. (Though he did return to Instagram, posting a photo comparing himself to Michael Jackson.)

And we suspect he won't be getting a police escort to the airport when he leaves town.