Celebrity Selfie Superlatives - Class of 2013

Selfies are everywhere. Heck, the word "selfie" is everywhere — it was even named Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year.

Still, if you thought the cell phone self-snaps were just about making duck faces, looking pretty, or sharing photos of things that maybe are better left unshared, think again. Even celebs know hours of fun can be had with a long arm and a smart phone. And we thought it was high time we honored their creativity.

Behold, 19 of the best celebrity Instagrammers who add their own flavor to quick pics. We've awarded them a few high school yearbook-style superlatives, so congratulations are in order.

Most Fashionable: Mindy Kaling @mindykaling

We've already seen Mindy looking cute in a million different outfits on "The Mindy Project," but her style never gets old. The "Office" actress is shameless about sharing products she loves, and rocks quirky tassel tops or on-trend bejeweled dresses all with a smile.

Most Popular: Ashley Benson @itsashbenzo

If a selfie a day keeps the doctor away, the "Pretty Little Liars" starlet is set for life. Her smize is more often than not accompanied by famous friends like Selena Gomez, co-stars, and other fabulous gals from her posse. We get it girl; you're hella cool and we want in on your inner circle.

Most Likely to Get a Makover: Rihanna @badgalriri

RiRi changes her hair as often as she whips out a chart-topping single. Known for ostentatious and risqué selfies, the 2013 "Best R&B Artist" crowned by the American Music Awards has probably met more hairstyles than anyone else on the Interwebs.

Most Well-Traveled: Paris Hilton @parishilton

The socialite spends a lot of time on planes, and probably just as much time sharing pics of her travels. Whether it's Miami, Shanghai, Amsterdam, or Cannes, Paris has probably been there, and, more importantly, taken a saucy snap in her shades.

Most Likely to Take Selfies in Bed: Miley Cyrus @mileycyrus

When not bumpin' her booty, the twerk queen stays on the down low in her bed, and she makes sure we know it. Whether it's after a day of hosting "Saturday Night Live" or performing at the American Music Awards, Miley doesn't ever appear to be stressed, but she clearly appreciates a little R&R.

Best Dog: Amanda Seyfried @mingey

If you think you take cute photos of your dog, you're out-matched. The "Les Miserables" starlet kills it with cuteness when it comes to pics with her pup, Finn.

Proudest Dad: Sean "Diddy" Combs @iamdiddy

Look at his Instagram once, and you might think the rapper's got too many friends to love his family. But look at it twice, and you'll find the dad's seemingly infinite #ProudPapa pics. Just as heartwarming as those photos are his captions that make us love the guy. "This is the reason I do what I do. I love my family!!!"

Cutest: Neil Patrick Harris @instagranph

You know that gleeful feeling you get when you go to Disney World? The "How I Met Your Mother" man's Instagram just might bring that feeling back. Each of his family Insta-pics are a hearty spoonful of sugar.

Funniest: Ludacris @itsludacris

This rapper has a lot of skills: rapping (duh), acting ("Fast & Furious"), and being hilarious on Instagram. He even runs his own hashtag, #nowthatsludicrous, and he's not afraid to post ridiculous photos from the Internet or his personal past. When you're looking for a break from an overload of your friends' serious selfies, visit his feed or his hashtag for a guaranteed laugh.

Most Likely to Be a Princess: Taylor Swift @taylorswift

Flowers, sparklers, tiny pianos, polaroids: The country cutie's photos always have an air of whimsy and make us wish we were her BFFs ... or at least a character in her Instagram fairytale.

Class Clown: Snoop Dogg @snoopdogg

Remember that sarcastic kid in class that takes nothing seriously, but makes you chuckle even if you don't want to? The rapper's Instagram reminds us of that kid. The musician's photo portfolio includes adult-supervision-suggested editions of The Peanuts's Snoopy, and photos that have been "Snoopified" (he has an app, Snoopify, that has stickers to decorate your pics and make all your Snoop Dogg dreams come true).

Most Picturesque: Gisele Bündchen @giseleofficial

We wonder what Gisele looks like when (or if) she gets mad, only because her Instagram is filled with the most zen self-portraits. The Brazilian beauty joined Instagram this April, but, like a seasoned sharer, she knows what the people want. The supermodel fills her stream with pics of her practicing yoga with her 1-year-old Vivian, or soaking up some sun with hubbie Tom Brady.

Fan Favorite: Selena Gomez @selenagomez

Disney's pop princess only joined Instagram in July but it's no surprise that she has more than 5 million followers. The "Come and Get It" singer has made her feed into a virtual fan club sharing mostly photos with followers. She even cried after her concert in Brooklyn when she couldn't Instagram her New York fans! Her profile says without shame, "Yes, I make my insta mostly about my fans, get over it." We are more than over it, honey. We love ya for it.

Classiest Mom: Ivanka Trump @ivankatrump

The Trump Organization businesswoman makes motherhood look romantic. She only shares the most gorgeous or adorable of photos, and only on special occasions with just the perfect amount of time in between.

Most Unashamed: Lena Dunham @lenadunham

Sometimes we forget the "Girls" director is part of the glitzy Hollywood elite with her very #TMI pics. Forget finding that perfect angle and squinch -- Lena goes for that perfectly embarrassing, beauty-defying moment instead.

Biggest Diva: Mariah Carey @mariahcarey

Jet to France? Check. Crystal glass? Check. Diamond-studded sling for a broken arm? Check. The Grammy Award-winning singer is Hollywood's most glam gal and she's got the selfies to prove it. We'd imagine being her daughter must be like living in a real-life Barbie mansion wonderland ... but she posts pics of that too.

Drama Queen: Nicole Richie @nicolerichie

Don't mess wit dis prince$$. The fashionista and "Candidly Nicole" star only takes a picture if it meets her qualifications of "must reach 100% on the sass-o-meter." Nicole likes her social snaps with a side of saucy and a sprig of sarcasm.

Best Hair: Vanessa Hudgens @vanessahudgens

Up, down, or messy all around? The "Spring Breakers" starlet knows when her hair looks good — most of the time, at least, according to her Instagram. What's even more impressive, the "Identified" singer always has a pose and visual direction to amplify the fun, flirty, or sexy moods of her looks.

Coolest Mom: Beyoncé @beyonce

All the sassy mommies, throw your hands up. Sasha Fierce is the boss. With pics of Blue Ivy's shoes or the top of her head, Queen Bey proves that style doesn't have to be compromised whether you're a mom or a toddler.