'I Am Cait': 8 Things We Learned From New Caitlyn Jenner Documentary

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Ever since her grand reveal on the cover of Vanity Fair, fans can't seem to get enough of Caitlyn Jenner — and they're about to get a little more thanks to I Am Cait, E!'s eight-part documentary series that debuts this Sunday, and which we previewed today. The hour-long premiere is riveting, entertaining, and informative. Here are the standout moments you shouldn't miss:

1. Caitlyn suffers from insomnia as she embarks on her new life.
As the clock reads 4:32 a.m., Caitlyn turns to the camera to share her anxieties about the position she's in and the responsibility that goes along with it. Amid talk of her connection to the transgender community and the challenges it faces, her new relationship with her family, and her place amid it all, Caitlyn admits, "I just want to do this right."

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2. Everyone in the Kardashian family loved that Vanity Fair cover.
Her hair in rollers, her face mid-makeup, Caitlyn listens as everyone weighs in on her big moment. At one point, Rob Kardashian is on speakerphone saying, "Your cover looks crazy!" Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian calls to chastise Caitlyn for not telling Kim that Caitlyn was on Twitter, noting that Caitlyn's about to beat the record for gaining the most followers in the shortest period of time. "Let's go for the record! I love records," crows Caitlyn, who held the world record in the decathlon as Bruce Jenner.

3. She was really worried about how her mom and sisters would react.
But the real deal challenge is to come, as Caitlyn's two sisters — Lisa and Pam — are en route with mom Esther, which makes Caitlyn especially nervous. "I told everyone in my family about this before I told my mom," Caitlyn admits. But she soon learns there's nothing to worry about as each of the three embrace her — literally and figuratively. After Pam gives a big hug, she announces, "You're gorgeous!"

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4. Kylie sees Caitlyn for the first time on FaceTime.
When daughter Kylie calls, Caitlyn answers without realizing that it's on FaceTime — and announces that Kylie hasn't yet seen her as Caitlyn. But Kylie takes it in stride. "I just don't want to scare you," says Caitlyn. Replies Kylie: "You're not scaring me, you're pretty." Kylie shows up later to help Caitlyn with some hair extensions for a grade-A primping session.

5. But not everything is perfect.
Later, accompanied by sister Pam, Caitlyn sifts through the last of Bruce's clothes in a downstairs closet and reveals that she's waiting for her mother to have A Reaction. Not only that, but while most of the family has been verbally supportive, nobody has come by to "meet Caitlyn," as she puts it. Of her repeated invites, Caitlyn says, "Kourtney, Khloé, Rob… all of them say it's great, but then they never show up."

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6. Mom admits she's having a hard time.
Caitlyn gets some alone time with Mom and finally has the difficult conversation she doesn't want to have. Though an earlier visit from a counselor helped to answer some questions about Caitlyn's transition, she's well aware that her mother is still having trouble with the switch. "It's going to be difficult for me to think of you as Caitlyn," Esther says. "It's just not easy." Caitlyn agrees it's not easy, but asks Esther, "In what aspect is it not easy? Losing a son?" Thus begins one of the more heartfelt and honest discussions about the emotions surrounding gender transition that you've ever seen on TV.

7. Kimye makes a big appearance.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West show up, and it's worth the price of your cable bill. Kim greets Caitlyn warmly, while Kanye offers a curt "What up?" like only Kanye can. Kanye then gives Pam a tutorial in sneaker fashion, and Caitlyn takes Kim on a tour of her closet so they can pore over Caitlyn's new wardrobe. "This is much better. I was secretly dying in your last closet," Kim says. This, before the two discover Caitlyn has the same dress as ex-wife Kris. And then, Kanye delivers a touching moment when he says proudly, "You couldn't have been up against more… and you said, 'F--k everyone, this is who I am.'"

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8. It's not just about Caitlyn.
And while it's tremendous to watch Caitlyn's journey as she works things out with family and friends, you get a sense of the bigger picture, when she travels to San Diego to meet with the Prescott family, which is in mourning after losing their transgender son to suicide. After making three vehicle changes to throw off the paparazzi on the drive down, Caitlyn not only talks with the family about their grief and their son's difficulties with his identity, but joins them as they honor his memory by releasing balloons over the ocean. It's then that it becomes clear: I Am Cait may start with Caitlyn, but has the potential to change opinions of millions of viewers.

I Am Cait premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on E!.

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