Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Get Cozy With Kevin Hart In New VMAs Promo

“EGOT,” The Awards Grand Slam

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When it comes to MTV's annual Video Music Awards, Kanye West has had his share of controversial moments. However, the hip-hop star's involvement this year is--so far!--just plain funny. In a new clip introducing newly named 2012 host Kevin Hart, the rapper and his notorious girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, play it straight to Hart's crazy sense of humor.

In the spot, the comedian bursts into his lovebird-friends' room, offering a peek at their cozy canoodling on a bed. He then proposes an idea: That the three of them host the VMAs as a trio, billing themselves as "KevYeKim."

While West and Kardashian stare at him in confusion, Hart offers an alternative: "YeKimKev." Finally, he suggests an acronym composed from their first names.

Yep. That would be three "K"s in a row.

"You got a white hoodie?" Hart deadpans to an open-mouthed Kardashian. "Let's march."

Um...yeah, that's not offensive or anything. Right?

At least West is just playing sidekick here--he has a long history of ruffling feathers at awards shows, with several defining moments connected to the VMAs alone. He drew attention in 2007 for criticizing the show's choice of Britney Spears to open the event. That same year, he also crashed the stage at the MTV Europe Awards in protest, after he lost out to French electro act Justice. Then of course, in 2009, he infamously grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift during her Best Female Video acceptance speech and declared Beyonce deserved the award instead. After a long string of tweets apologizing to Swift, he returned to the VMAs in 2010, where he sang "Runaway"--with the chorus "Let's have a toast for the d****bags."

The 2012 VMAs will air live from Los Angeles on September 6, at 8 p.m. ET.


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