Jennifer Aniston’s bizarre travel ensemble

You'd be hard pressed to find Jennifer Aniston's name on many worst dressed lists. These days, the 43-year-old typically makes headlines for her enviable fashion sense, which was certainly on display last week when she wowed in a white Burberry gown at the AFI Awards. And let's not forget that her hairstyle during the "Friends" era was so popular it was described to hairdressers everywhere with just two words: "The Rachel." However, Aniston's travel attire from over the weekend is likely something most people won't want to duplicate.

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Arriving at Los Angeles International Airport with her boyfriend Justin Theroux, Aniston had on a blue blazer, white shirt, white sneakers and … what appeared to be Theroux's jeans. Now, we're not completely sure that the superstar dipped into her boyfriend's drawer to score the denim, but from the looks of the pants — which were huge! — they certainly didn't belong to Aniston.

The jeans, which were held up with a hard-working belt, were several sizes too large for the petite actress. You could see that she'd folded them over at the waist, making the zipper go up at an angle instead of up and down. The pants were also cuffed — and cuffed! — at the bottom. And the crotch of the pants hung down to about mid-thigh, prompting many MC Hammer jokes today.

Despite the bad fit, Aniston's roomy pants seemed like they were much more comfortable than what Theroux was wearing. The actor, 40, whom Aniston started dating after they co-starred together in the film "Wanderlust," had on skinny leather pants for the flight to Paris. That's right — over 10 hours on an airplane in super-tight pants! Call us crazy, but that doesn't sound like the most comfortable travel attire in the world.

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Regardless of their odd outfits, things seem to be going well between the twosome. Earlier this year, the notoriously private actress shared a few words about her love. "He's a protector, for sure," Jennifer told Marie Claire Australia. "He's just a good human being, and so funny."

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