Drew Barrymore: Less acting, more wine!

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Growing up in the Hollywood spotlight, Drew Barrymore became more than just a child star. She also gained a reputation as a "wild child," thanks in part to the fact that, at a frighteningly early age, she began partaking in certain activities usually reserved for adults. Barrymore has previously admitted to drinking, using drugs, and hitting nightclubs before she even entered her teen years, but multiple stints in rehab eventually set her on a healthier path. The twice-divorced Barrymore recently got married again and is expecting her first child any day now.

But she's also undertaken another new project recently: launching her own wine label. Yes, really.

"I love wine," the 37-year-old tells Haute Living magazine. "I think it's nice to do what you really love in life, occupationally and recreationally. Right now, I'm getting to do the things that I love and I'm so, so happy about it."

Not to be a fuddy duddy, but doesn't it seem a bit odd and potentially destructive that a self-admitted addict who's had public problems with alcohol seems OK with not just drinking but also making stuff that gets you drunk? Maybe not, since Barrymore told Parade magazine in 2009: "I'm not [completely sober]. And I don't claim to be — quite the opposite. I've tried to find the balance. I hope it's balanced."

In the Haute Living interview, the "Fever Pitch" star also explains that she didn't just up and decide to get into the adult beverage business one day. "I didn't just sit around and say 'I love wine' and expect it to fall in my lap," she explains. "We worked hard to get this project up and running for many years. I don't think you can just love things and be all whimsical and hopeful; you need to work hard as well."

Prior also says she made multiple trips to Italy for the new business (her wine is simply dubbed "Barrymore") in order to visit the label's vineyard and bottling plants and, of course, to try "a lot of different wines."

"I'm very leery of celebrity culture and I didn't want this to be something that was tacky in a 'Hey, I'm just throwing my name on this and putting it out there' kind of way. I wanted to put it out there because wine is about tradition and family," she shares. "Putting your name on something and having no idea how it came about if someone else did all the work — that's not me."

So far so good. Her 2011 Pinot Grigio has received some solid reviews and garnered a gold medal in competition in France earlier this year. And her plan is to create a Chianti next.

But will her kids want to follow in her footsteps? To Barrymore, it really doesn't matter. "I can't wait until I have my children. I love the idea that they don't have to do something that they have no interest in, that they can do something completely oppo­site if they want to," she explains. "I will be so surprised if they don't want to do something involving food or wine or art, but I'll be OK with it. I just want to build fun, great things for my family."

With her new business and future parenthood on her plate, Barrymore has decided put her acting career on hold.

"I'm more into directing and photography, so I'm trying to focus on that. To be quite honest, I'm happy in my own life. I don't need to play at being someone else right now. Acting is something I've done my whole life, but directing is great. I get to be in my own clothes and go home to my husband, and that seems really normal and fun and feels very creative," she says. "I want to do it all. I love film, but I also love wine, food and traveling. I would love to be a travel writer. I'd be so stoked."

Being a travel writer with a newborn doesn't sound all that easy, but if anyone can pull it off, maybe Drew can!

The upcoming issue of Haute Living hits newsstands September 20.

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