Quvenzhane Wallis Getting a Custom Puppy Purse for the Oscars

If you haven’t yet noticed the adorable puppy purses frequently worn on young nominee Quvenzhane Wallis’ arm, you won’t be able to forget about them come Oscar night.

The nine-year-old, who’s nominated for Best Actress for her tearjerker of a performance in “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” has been wearing a different Poochie and Co. pup to every red carpet event for the past few months. She declared the bags her “signature” on “Ellen,” confessing that she has upwards of 20 of them.

Well, Yahoo! has learned exclusively that she’ll have one more come February 24, as the manufacturer will be designing and creating one custom-made for her to match her dress.

“It’s going to be jeweled from head to toe,” Diane Calvanico, who’s in sales for the company, told us. “If she’s going to be wearing pearls, obviously we’re going to make it out of pearls and maybe even give it a crown.”

Unfortunately, they haven’t started working on this masterpiece yet, as little Nazie (as she likes to be called) hasn’t chosen a dress yet. “Until she does, we don’t know the color, we don’t know the breed,” Calvanico explained.

Believe it or not, it was actually the Wallis camp that first reached out to Poochie and Co just a few weeks ago, well after she had been spotted at event after event with the fluffy figure on her shoulder. Needless to say, the small company which only just launched its website this month [note: it launched on Feb. 6 – not sure when this is running] was ecstatic and quickly sent her a package with several more pooches.

“She called the office to thank us for sending her the package. She’s just so polite and sweet,” Calvanico, who answered one such call, recalled. “She’s just packed with personality.”

Calvanico couldn’t yet speak to any spike in sales of the dog purses – which retail for $10 – but but said that each bit of press is getting buyers more and more excited.

So, come Oscar Sunday, expect to see Quvenzhane with a special, sparkling pooch on one arm… and her mother on the other.