Oscar night’s most awkward moments

·Claudine Zap

Blink and you missed some of the more awkward moments of this year’s Academy awards. Others happened behind-the-scenes. Luckily, they were all caught on camera so we could re-visit them. Again and again.

Seth MacFarlane: "I Saw Your Boobs" song and dance

In one of the least classy and possibly most uncomfortable moments of the evening, host Seth McFarlane executed a production number titled "I Saw Your Boobs." On the Oscars. Yes, really.

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Channing Tatum admits he waxes

The "Magic Mike" actor has the smooth moves on the dance floor, but he also admitted to smooth skin – from waxing. Ouch, and we mean it.

Shirley Bassey's overly dramatic performance

The incomparable songstress belted out the classic Bond tune "Goldfinger." But she may have overdone it with her own fingers, clutching at her chest for added – and unnecessary – drama.

Quentin Tarantino fields strange question

Quentin Tarantino, the writer-director of "Django Unchained," could have probably guessed most of the questions coming his way about his Civil War-era revenge fantasy. But this one has to go on record as the oddest.

Renée Zellweger plays keep-away

The "Chicago" star started to let Richard Gere read the Best Song winner, then yanked the envelope away.

David Arquette gets personal

The only thing more awkward than getting condoms in your gift bag: Asking the director of "Paperman" about them. Why, David Arquette, why?

K Stew's limp

The “Twilight” star made it to the Oscars – on crutches. The actress cut the ball of her foot on glass, but managed to hobble on stage without any help.

Sandra Bullock's odd look

The Oscar winner delivered a comically grotesque face as she struggled to open the envelope to announce the award for Best Film Editing.