Memorable Oscar-winning celebrations in fist-pumping, ugly cry GIFs

This Sunday night, we're guaranteed to get a wide variety of reactions from winners. Some will steel themselves and deliver eloquent remarks about the importance of acting and history (looking your way, Mr. Day-Lewis). Others will be in so much shock that getting to the stage will prove difficult. There will be tears, high fives, hugs and fist pumps. And maybe - just maybe - a bespectacled Italian man will joyously climb across the audience. Either way, Oscars greatest emotional outbursts will be immortalized in the most irreverent way possible: Internet memes. Nominees take note, any of the following responses will guarantee you a place in GIF history.

1992: Jack Palance

The 73-year-old won Best Supporting Actor for his role in "City Slickers" and proceeded to show the world that even in his advanced age, no one should ever mess with Jack Palance.

1994: Anna Paquin

Paquin was only eleven when she won Best Supporting Actress for "The Piano," so it's impossible to blame her for being a little overwhelmed during the moment.

1998: Cuba Gooding, Jr.

The "Jerry Maguire" star came close to setting the unofficial record for exuberance following his Best Supporting Actor win.

1998: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Following the lead of Cuba Gooding, Jr., the pair thanked family, friends, co-stars and the entire city of Boston for their Best Original Screenplay win for "Good Will Hunting."

1999: Gwyneth Paltrow

After winning Best Actress, the "Shakespeare in Love" star broke down in tears when discussing her love for her family.

1999: Roberto Benigni

The aforementioned bespectacled Italian following his Best Actor win for "Life is Beautiful." He eventually made his way to the stage.

2002: Halle Berry

The "Monster's Ball" star was in disbelief after her Best Actress win.

2003: Adrien Brody

To-do list: 1) Win Best Actor for "The Pianist" 2) Kiss Halle Berry. 3) Call it a successful night.