Mysteries of the Golden Globes solved

Mike Krumboltz

There were sweet speeches, surprise guests, and even an unexpected thank you to Chad “Don’t call me Rob” Lowe. Below, some answers (or at least theories) to the questions surrounding the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Why was Bill Clinton there?

Bill Clinton (Hillary’s husband) was there to present "Lincoln," a film directed by Steven Spielberg. We're not sure why, but we're willing to bet that President Clinton's friendship with Spielberg had something to do with it. Spielberg has contributed to the Bush Clinton Katrina Foundation. A source told Yahoo! editor Matt Donnelly that a sniper team was stationed atop the hotel where the ceremony was held, and positioned to protect the former president. Clinton was said to be out of the building in under two minutes (Update: Deadline confirms that it was indeed Spielberg who got the 42nd president to the ceremony, though it took an impressive level of secrecy -- most award show officials didn't even know Clinton was coming. Those that did were told to say the special guest presenter was Prince Albert of Monaco.) One thing is for sure: With the mega-popular Clinton giving "Lincoln" a glowing endorsement, the biopic is now an even bigger front-runner for next month's Academy Awards.

Who were those weirdos in the audience?

Just when you thought you knew all the nominees, the camera would linger on an odd-looking person in the audience who was also apparently nominated for a film you never heard of. Unless you are incredibly gullible, it should come as no surprise that those fake-nominees were actually co-hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey in disguise. Which means, alas, "Dog President" isn’t likely to get the green light anytime soon. Pity. It's got Golden Globe written all over it.

What's Lena Dunham's tattoo?

Well, she has a few. But the big one on her back is from "Eloise," one of her favorite children’s books. The other tattoos are from her other favorite books -- "Ferdinand the Bull," "Pals," and "Fairwater."

Speaking of Lena Dunham, why did she thank Chad Lowe?

Unless the two are involved in a relationship we don't know about, the shout out was likely a reference to Hilary Swank's gaffe from the Oscars more than a decade back. After winning the Oscar for Best Actress Oscar for "Boys Don't Cry," Swank forgot to thank her then-husband Chad Lowe. Several years later, when she won again for "Million Dollar Baby," Lowe was the first person she thanked. Following Dunham's speech, Lowe took to Twitter and thanked the Dunham. "Dearest @lenadunham YOU COMPLETE ME," he wrote.

Wait, was that Mel Gibson?

Yeah, it was. The controversial actor/director joined friend Jodie Foster to help her celebrate being honored with the Cecil B. DeMille award. Past recipients include Alfred Hitchcock, Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston, Martin Scorcese, and the one and only Walt Disney. At 50, Foster is the fourth youngest person to win the award. Judy Garland is the youngest. She won when she was just 39.

Did Jennifer Lawrence knock Meryl Streep during her win?

No. Although Lawrence opened her acceptance speech by saying “I beat Meryl,” she wasn’t really taking on the acting icon. She was referencing a line from the film, “The First Wives Club.” The character played by Goldie Hawn is told: “Once you were a terrific actress. You even got an Oscar to prove it.” She responds by picking up her award and reading the engraving: “’I beat Meryl.’ That’s what it says.”

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