Snooki’s ‘Confessions of a Guidette’

The first time Snooki released a book back in January -- the novel A Shore Thing -- we all made jokes about how the "Jersey Shore" star had probably never read a book. But the joke is on us now, because the reality starlet is releasing a second tome, which means lots of us (was it you?!) forked over the cash for her literary debut. Snooki's Confessions of a Guidette, which details how to live life like she does -- and who wouldn't want that? -- hits store shelves today.

As part of the media blitz for the new book, Snooki signed copies at the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue in New York City where, in true Snooki fashion, she quickly turned it into a Rated-R good time. "Omg a girl with no shirt on outside of b&n! Like boobs out just chillen. First off its winter. #lmao" she wrote on Twitter.

The self-proclaimed meatball also spoke to "Today's" Matt Lauer about the difference between the party girl we see on MTV each week and the real Nicole Polizzi. "I think [on the show] you see more of like, the party side of me, which I call Snooki. It's kind of my alter ego," she explained. "That's what you see on the show, but right now you are talking to Nicole. It's like the soft, calm, business-ready person."

No matter how many books she writes, I'll still have a tough time separating the two!

Here's the clip:

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