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Blink's new Outdoor 4 camera accessories include battery and range extenders

Its latest security camera gets a floodlight mount and a battery extender.


It’s been less than a month since Blink, Amazon’s other security camera company, released the Outdoor 4. Now, as part of Amazon’s annual fall showcase, we’re getting a trio of accessories to help the camera travel further and do more when it gets there.

First on the list is the Sync Module Pro, which lets you place your Outdoor 4 further from your home’s wireless network. The company says you can install a camera in “the furthest corner of your property” without worrying about range, but hasn’t yet shared real-world measurements. Maybe those figures haven’t been finalized yet, since the hardware isn’t expected to be available until the start of 2024, when it’ll cost you $50.

There’s a new floodlight mount for the Outdoor 4 that, much like its predecessor, will enable you to temporarily banish the darkness with some motion-activated LEDs. Blink says it’ll last for two years on a charge, based on “default settings” which you’ll probably want to change. That’s available for pre-order now, priced at $160, with shipping due to start on October 17.

Image of the Blink Outdoor 4 with its external battery pack mounted behind it on a white fence.
Image of the Blink Outdoor 4 with its external battery pack mounted behind it on a white fence. (Blink)

And to round off the trio, there’s a new battery pack that, Blink says, will double the Outdoor 4’s life on a single charge. With more power, you can also be a bit less frugal about the notifications you can set up, letting you talk more, record more and generally have a better experience overall. The price for such freedom is $30, and will also begin shipping on October 17.

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