‘Bling Empire’ Season 2 Gets May Premiere Date on Netflix

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“Bling Empire” Season 2 has a premiere date: The Netflix reality TV show will return on May 13.

Season 2 of the series will span eight 40-minute episodes.

Here’s the synopsis for Season 2: “Los Angeles’s beloved uber-rich Asians are back with even more luxury, glamor and crazy. This season, a romance between Kevin and Kim percolates, Cherie and Jessey’s relationship is questioned, and as Kane and Kevin’s best bud friendship is tested, Beverly Hills’s rivaling queens, Christine and Anna, put a new twist on the art of social warfare. But through it all, the one thing these friends hold dearest to their hearts is their love for each other … and of course, impeccable style.”

On Friday, Netflix also confirmed two new members of the cast: Dorothy Wang, an international TV personality and entrepreneur, and an alum of E! Entertainment’s “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” and Mimi Morris.

Morris and her family struggled and lived in tough circumstances at the height of war in Vietnam. After making her way to America, she started a successful business, got married and started a family. “Although Mimi now lives in the height of luxury, she has never lost her work ethic nor her strong survival skills in the face of adversity. At first blush, Mimi comes off lighthearted, witty, and joyful. But don’t let her delightful demeanor fool you. Nothing gets past her,” reads a bio from Netflix.

The show hails from Jeff Jenkins Productions.