‘Blindspot’ Season Finale Recap: Taylor Shaw’s Bones


Warning: This recap for the “Why Await Life’s End” episode of Blindspot contains spoilers.

This week, we get definitive answers, but not quite enough to feel like a genuinely satisfying season finale. As an episode, though, it’s strong. Weller confirms his worst fears, Jane kills Oscar, and the rest of the team finally get on the same page.

The Tattoo

No tattoo this week, but Mayfair left a puzzle to unlock her USB drive. The introductory message on the drive uses every letter of the alphabet except for the letters in the name “DAVID.” It’s a clue to Patterson to use the Vigenère cipher (from episode 2) to decode the key — spelling out “I’m sorry.”

The Plot

With the help of Ana (Aimee Carrero from episode 6), Jane tracks down Oscar, who is disposing of Mayfair’s body. He plans to re-erase her memories, but she kills him instead while the barn around them burns, destroying the evidence. Reade and Zapata bring Patterson into their attempts to help Mayfair. They suspect she’s been murdered and discover a thumb drive with information about Project Daylight as well as Orion. Weller and his sister dig under the fort at their childhood home, but find nothing. He later realizes the “fort” his father referred to is the Fort Boone campsite, where he finds Taylor Shaw’s body and returns to the city to arrest Jane.

The Old Jane Conspiracy

Jane milks Oscar for as much information as she can while he’s preparing the ZIP to wipe her brain. The mission, which he has always framed as being her idea is, in fact, run by the mysterious Shepherd, who is only seen in silhouette. Their goal is to take down the government and replace it with a better one. Phase 1 of the mission was to take down Mayfair and replace her with Weller. The tattoos would not only take out the conspiracy’s enemies, it would also make Weller the obvious choice to replace her. Jane’s intimacy with Weller would make him easy to control.

Bill’s deathbed confession has thrown a serious monkey wrench into the plan — as has Jane’s unwillingness to turn on the FBI. Season 2 will probably find Jane turning on her old friends and continuing to take down tattoo-related threats while trying to find a connection between the tattoos to uncover the identity of the conspirators. But how does she win back Weller’s trust since she’s the reason he let a child murderer back into his life?

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I’m Sorry”

It looks like Mayfair was in much deeper than just Project Daylight. She was also involved in Project Orion, which has something to do with an off-the-books Navy SEAL operation. Back in episode 3, one of the jewel thieves recognized Jane; he also had a SEAL tattoo matching her own and whispered “Orion” before he died. If this many former operatives have gone rogue, the program must’ve been a catastrophic failure. Maybe the conspiracy has a point: Mayfair has been involved in a lot of ugliness. There’s even a folder on her drive called “M7G677” that we haven’t even gotten to yet. Saving that for season 3?


Blind Thoughts

Aw… a knockdown, drag-out fistfight in front of a roaring fire? In superspy circles, that’s considered romantic.

Obviously, the role of Shepherd hasn’t been cast yet. Is there a great guest actor they could get in to play the role for a few episodes next season? William B. Davis, the Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files? Michael Emerson from Lost and Person of Interest? How about Lucy Lawless? Jane Doe vs. Xena, Warrior Princess would make for a killer season 2 finale.

Every time somebody is stabbed to death with a scythe, the Grim Reaper rolls his eyes and posts a “Too obvious” comment on the internet.

There are a lot of conspiracies planning to take down the federal government and replace it — there are at least two other shows with the same plot this season — but if your replacement government was really that great, why not just try that first? Between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, it’s clear that the country is willing to vote in some pretty radical ideas.

Line of the Night: “You do like ribs!” Our sympathies go out to every woman born in the Year of the Pig who has had to put up with fat jokes all their lives.